Here Are the Best Baby Easter Basket Stuffers

Nothing will bring a smile to everyone’s face like a happy baby on Easter.

For the little ones, Easter baskets may be a bit tricky because there isn’t much that they can have, but we’ve compiled a list of the best baby Easter basket stuffers to gift to your child on this joyous holiday. Read on to get some fantastic ideas!

Stuffed Animals

It won’t be Easter if a baby doesn’t get a new stuffed animal. Find the most adorable, softest stuffed bunny or duck (perhaps both) and throw it in that basket! They will love having a new cuddle toy and something to chew on and drag around for years to come.

Burp cloths/Bibs

This time of year, it will be hard not to find an Easter-themed burp cloth or bib. Parents need anything they can get their hands on to wipe off all that drool or first bites of food, so why not get a holiday-themed bib to commemorate their first Easter?


Blankets are another item that a baby will always need. A beautiful Easter blanket will look perfect rolled into that basket. The softer, the better.

Board books

Visit your local bookstore or superstore and you will see a wide assortment of Easter-themed books just for babies. Board books are built to survive exploration from little mouths and fingers. Books are a wonderful gift and a perfect baby Easter basket stuffer.


Outfits should be a given. All of a baby’s first holidays shout stand out with a particular outfit. Easter is no different. A pastel onesie stating something as simple as “My First Easter” will do.


From balls to teethers, anything age appropriate will be a hit and much appreciated. Try including some things to welcome spring and summer, like sidewalk chalk or bubbles.


If the baby you are gifting, or your child, is eating food besides milk or formula baby snacks are a great replacement for the candy the older kids get. Fruit pouches, crackers, yogurt melts, or cereal will keep baby happy and feel included in the festivities. A fed baby is a happy baby!

Easter is a family holiday that should be special for everyone. Your child may not remember their first Easter basket, or maybe even their second or third, but you will. These baby, Easter basket stuffers, will make your whole family smile as the newest additions discover the joy of a personalized Easter basket.


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