7 Recipes for Baby’s First Birthday Cake

Baby’s first birthday bash is usually very special, more for the parents and their friends than for the baby.

Your baby will probably be overwhelmed by it and will not likely remember it, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun – especially with Baby’s first birthday cake!

In general, you should keep the food for Baby simple since much of it will end up on his clothes or on the floor. Don’t serve hard candies, nuts, or any foods that could present a choking hazard. In all the commotion, you’ll be surprised what Baby can get his hands on!

Finally, your home is the best and easiest place to hold the party. It’s where Baby is most familiar. Keep the party brief so Baby gets in regular naps and doesn’t get overstimulated. Pay close attention and take him to a quiet place when he gets fussy and needs some one-on-one cuddle time.


Now, back to those cakes! Just click on the photo for the recipe.

  • No 1 cutout cake
No 1 cutout cake for Baby's First Birthday

Saying “I’m one!”  is easy with this cut-out first birthday cake. All you need is some cake mix and a loaf pan.  Once baked, cut the number “one” shape out and frost using whipped frosting. Use baby’s favorite fruits as toppings.

  • Polka dot smash cake
Polka dot smash cake for Baby's First Birthday

The red polka dots on this turquoise frosted cake results in a masterpiece that your baby won’t be able to resist. This two layered, three-inch smash cake is perfect for your baby’s first birthday celebration.

  • Peas and carrots smash cake
Peas and carrots smash cake for Baby's First Birthday

Sneak some fruits and vegetables into your baby’s first birthday cake! Combining pureed carrots, cream cheese, bananas, and yogurt, this surprisingly healthy cake can be topped with peas for a pop of color.

  • Water color cake
Water color cake for Baby's First Birthday

Featuring purple and teal pastel, this elegant first birthday cake is almost too perfect to eat.

  • Sprinkles smash cake
Sprinkles smash cake for Baby's First Birthday

This edible creation is perfect for any birthday.

  • Confetti cake stack
Confetti cake stack for Baby's First Birthday

This easy to make and simple cake will be loved by everyone, especially your baby.

  • Lion cake
Lion cake for Baby's First Birthday

This cute cake is a great first birthday idea. Use cheerios and pretzel sticks to decorate.

At 1 year old, your baby may be wary of strangers and new places. They may like other children but have no idea how to play with them yet. 1-year-olds require individual attention and thrive on making their caregivers laugh.

No matter how many people you decide to invite, remember that your child is bound to be overstimulated and you will need to keep you close by. Make sure you have help on the day of the party so someone else can arrange presents and pass out cake while you stay close to Baby.

  • Remember that loud bangs may frighten Baby and any discarded balloons or poppers can become choking hazards. If you want to give your guests a going away present, opt for a soft toy.

Know of a good first birthday cake we missed? Please let us know in the comments section!


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