Amazing 1st Birthday Party Ideas You Can Do for Yourself

Your baby is growing, and it’s time you started looking for 1st birthday party ideas. And no, it is never too early to start doing this, especially if you intend on doing things yourself and at home. Sure, you could take care of everything with just a couple of phone calls. But where would be the fun in that? And how would you know you made an extra effort for Baby, one you can immortalize and remember for always? It’s good to roll up your sleeves and try to do everything yourself, just for the fun of it. Your friends and family will appreciate it, and Baby will love the pictures when she gets older.


1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

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If you have to think of a theme for your little boy, then enjoy it while it lasts. Chances are his opinions are not that well-formed, and you can throw whatever type of party you like as long as it is suited for a boy. The good news is that this is the time to go wild with your biggest fantasies, hopes, and dreams for Baby. What does this mean? That if you want your little boy to become an astronaut, a doctor, a rodeo clown or a magician, this is the time to throw a themed party. As he grows up, his own ideas will overpower yours. Which is normal. So, enjoy it while it lasts.

In other words, some pretty cool 1st birthday party ideas for boys are:

Nautical Theme

Have your little baby dressed up as a sailor, serve seafood to the adults and use a lot of boat-talk in your invitations and party props.

Cowboy Theme

Your baby can be the sheriff, the guests are farmers and other town people brought together in celebration, and you can use fun cowboy talk.

Little President

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If you have high expectations of your little one, have some fun while you’re at it. Pretend the guests were volunteers in the campaign, prepare name tags and bring out the customary red, white and blue props. Maybe you have some left over from some other holiday.

Explorer Theme

Jungle or safari, your house will look incredible, mainly because you will probably use the same houseplants to create the photo background. And all those stuffed animals you got over the year will sure come in handy.

And while we said you can go crazy and do whatever you want, it would still be a good idea to think of some of the things your little boy enjoys. Whether it’s responding very well to music, reading books, or being sociable, you can build on some of these insights.

1st birthday party ideas for girls

Party, Baby, ParentingNot to jump the gun here, but if you are going for a princess theme, then you are in need of 1st birthday party ideas for girls, and badly. We know your little girl is your little princess, that she rules over your hearts, and that you would do anything for her, but let’s get a bit more creative with this. Plus, what will you do if she develops a real taste for princesses and asks for the same theme every year until she is old enough to plan her own parties? Wouldn’t you like to do something different, at least now, when you still can?

A Royal Affair

If you can’t shake the idea of princesses, then at least do it big. Use crimson before pink takes over, have velvet cake and other cool stuff you cannot pull off once your little girl starts asking for magical unicorns. After all, if she is a princess, then you are the king and queen, and should celebrate your achievement of making it through the first year as well.

The Dancing Queen

We know they sound the same, but we swear this is with ballet and dance stuff. Your little girl is already wearing clothes similar to leotards, and she is always the star of the show. Make it look like a real performance, have the invitations look like ballet invitations, and have your buffet accessible throughout intermission.

Travel Bug

Travel is a big thing, and chances are your baby will enjoy it when the time comes. So why not go crazy with the idea and see what you can get out of it?After all, if you are on a budget, a versatile idea is permissive.

1st Birthday Party Food Ideas

Party, Baby, ParentingEvery good party starts with a great theme. Once you have decided on that, there comes the time for 1st birthday party food ideas. And this is a bit tricky. When the children are older, you can order cake, sweets, and pizza and you know they will not ask for more. But since this is a party with small children, extra attention must be paid to the food. For starters, you must cater for the little ones, whose food needs and habits differ. While some children are still being breastfed, others have moved on to solid, but specific food. Then there are the adults. Breastfeeding moms and pregnant women have their restrictions, and you know what they are because it has not been that long since you were in their shoes.

You can’t go wrong with a fruit bar. And, although sweets look amazing on any candy bar, keep in mind the fact that not all parents give sugary treats to their young children. Try not to make their task even more difficult than it must be. Assorted sweet fruit and fresh veggies chopped and nicely spread, some quick bites of cheese and avocado spreads will go over well. Easy to make puff pastries and homemade biscuits with oatmeal and fruit are another great option. You can also extend this idea to muffins and cupcakes and even have a pancake bar. After all, nobody said you can’t have some 1st birthday party ideas you yourself enjoy.

1st Birthday Party Decorations at HomeParty, Baby, Parenting

You can’t say 1st birthday party decorations at home without including balloon decoration plans in your options. They are affordable and you can place them anywhere. However, instead of having them clump together, go with bundles of colorful balloons in different sizes, and use them to emphasize different areas of the house. Like where everybody sits, playtime or adults’ corner, vegan food, and gluten-free food corner. You can also use flags and other means of signaling the various party elements depending on the theme you have chosen. If you have to do everything yourself, try to choose an accessible theme.

1st Birthday Party Games

You cannot plan a child’s birthday party without making a list of possible 1st birthday party games. The adults can talk and socialize and it will be enough for them, especially for the ones who spend all day with a baby or a toddler. But those babies and toddlers must be kept busy. Otherwise, you risk them “singing the songs of their people” in a choir. And it isn’t pretty.

One great idea and a little game you can play with them is to co-opt some of the other parents to read out loud and do the voices of some of their favorite characters. It will be easier for the children to follow. Also, this is something no one parent, no matter how talented he or she is at doing voices, can do by himself.

A parent-baby conga line. They won’t be able to make a conga line themselves, but you and your adult friends can help by joining in and making it fun. You will get great pictures.

Growth chart marking can be just as exciting if you plan on throwing a different themed party every year. Use a specific symbol for each party to mark how much your child has grown. Start a tradition then and there and remember each party and its theme throughout the years. If any of your friends’ kids want to do the same, have some extra charts ready for them. However, keep yours separate so you can use it the following years as well.

Also, if you have anything saved from your baby shower, like hopes and wishes, it would be nice to make a special moment and include them. Either read them out loud or say which ones hit home and which ones were far from the target.


This is an exhilarating moment for you and your family. You waited for it, and you’ve been through the tough first year with your baby. If a pregnancy was not enough, a screaming baby getting adjusted to life outside the womb is another significant challenge. Therefore, the party you are planning should just as well be for you. That said, don’t be afraid to choose some 1st birthday party ideas than you can enjoy, too.


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