8 Fun and Easy Baby Easter Craft Ideas

Easter is a great time of year to explore some fun with your baby. It’s also a great opportunity for your family to bond over interesting activities. We’re here to help with some Easter craft ideas for your baby that the whole family can enjoy!

The little ones will get to have fun. The parents will enjoy quality time with their kids, and there might even be some nice homemade gifts for your family at the end. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Baby Easter Craft Ideas

1. Egg painting

Although your baby might be too young to help you with some advanced egg painting techniques, we have a great method for you to engage your child in this activity. All you need is a bowl or tray to place the color. Make sure to ask your child which color he or she would like to use. Maybe they already have a favorite! Then, help your child roll the hard-boiled egg around the bowl or tray and have fun egg painting.

Egg painting, baby easter craft ideas

2. Make your own Easter garden

If you’re interested in tackling a more complex project, you could make your own Easter garden. Unlike other baby Easter craft ideas, this one will require more time and effort. Know the time spent on creating the garden with your child is as much fun as the time your child will have playing around with it. For this project, you’ll need a large piece of green cloth, which will be used to make the garden. Then you can create all sorts of different decorations for the garden, such as flowers, grass, trees, etc. You could also have an Easter basket and organize an Easter egg hunt. Cut out a couple of eggs from a cloth in different colors or use plastic eggs. Place them around the garden and show your baby how to find the eggs and place them into the basket.

Easter garden, Baby Easter craft ideas

3. Make a egg rattle

Here’s a quick idea inspired by Easter to create a wonderful toy for your baby. All you need is an empty eggshell, peas or beads, glue, chopsticks, and colorful paper to wrap the rattle. Put the peas or beads into the egg, glue it and then glue the chopsticks. Wrap it all up in decorative paper and you’ve got yourself a little rattle! You could also give the rattle as a present to your baby’s little friends or cousins.

Fun Maracas Craft for Kids, Baby Easter craft ideas

4. Carrot footprints

All you need for this craft is a bit of orange paint, white paper, and green paper. Make carrots out of your baby’s footprints on a white piece of paper. Then cut the carrots out and add some green paper on top. Put your baby’s craft on the fridge to show off.

turn kids feet into carrots, baby feet craft, baby Easter craft ideas

5. Easter cards

If you want to play with colors a little bit more, you could create Easter cards using your baby’s footprints. Your baby will love stepping into the color and leaving footprints. Be creative and think of different objects where you can use the footprints, such as the making of the rabbit’s legs, etc. Just imagine grandma’s face when she receives this Easter card from her grandson or granddaughter. Priceless! Of course, make sure you use a large piece of paper to cover the entire rug as your baby might suddenly start running around the house with colored feet.

baby easter card, baby easter craft ideas

6. Easter potato stamping

Kids love playing with colors and this type of activity is especially recommended for boosting their creativity and imagination. All you need is a potato, preferably one shaped like an egg, some colors, and paper. Cut the potato in half and then let your child put some colors on the potato. When the application of color is done, it’s time for stamping. Your kids will love creating all sorts of colorful egg stamps on the paper, so you might want to prepare several potatoes.

Egg stamping, baby easter craft ideas

7. Easter egg tree

Having Easter decorations around your home during the holidays is a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Here is a suggestion on how to make one of these decorations yourself. Use cardboard in the shape of a cone, colorful eggs, grass ornaments, and glue. Dab each egg in the glue and put it on the cone. Start at the bottom, and use different colored eggs. Don’t forget to put some grass in between the eggs.

Easter egg tree, baby Easter craft ideas

8. Bake Easter cupcakes

Every holiday is a chance to bake holiday-inspired cupcakes. Use a basic recipe to make the cupcakes. Once they are out of the oven, decorate them with your baby. You can put a bit of frosting on top, and your baby can be in charge of putting the eggs or sprinkles on top of it. Don’t worry about cupcakes not turning out perfectly! All that matters is that your baby is having fun. In the end, you’ll surely enjoy eating cupcakes with your family.

Chocolate eggs cupcakes, easter cupcakes, baby easter craft ideas

As you enjoy these precious moments with your family, make sure you take photos of your baby doing his or her first craft activities. These are some memories you’ll surely want to save. We hope that you’ll find these easy baby Easter craft ideas inspiring and you’ll try some of them out. Do you have any ideas you’d like to share? Let us know!

Happy Easter!


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