6 MORE Fun Baby Easter Craft Ideas!

You can never have too many baby Easter craft ideas to make baby’s first Easter extra-special and extra-fun. 

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This time, we’ve chosen some of the cutest things that will truly brighten up your home and make amazing decor for all of the pictures you will probably be taking this Easter. Although many of the craft ideas you may find on the Internet will imply having some skills and dexterity, we’ve selected some of the most baby-friendly and easy-to-make Easter-themed baby toys, accessories, and decorations.

1. DIY Easter Bunny ears

DIY baby Easter bunny ears

It wouldn’t be Easter without some cute bunny ears you can make yourself. Instead of raiding the stores and spending money on something your baby won’t be able to wear next year, have fun with this do-it-yourself activity. We searched the Internet for the easiest bunny ears tutorial and we found it at KidSpot. All you need is an Alice headband, which you probably already have, some scissors, and a sheet of cardboard. There’s even a free printable template you can cut out. If the template for the ears is too big, try drawing lines on the inside and cutting out that part to make smaller ones.  This is the “must-do” of all baby Easter craft ideas.

2. Felt Easter baskets

Felt easter basket for Baby Easter

One accessory your baby just cannot go without on his first Easter egg hunt is a felt Easter basket. It’s light and soft, perfect for baby no matter how much he swings it around or throws it. The best directions to make it yourself are at A Spoonful of Sugar. All you need for this cute accessory is a piece of wool felt, ribbons, and other materials for decorating, such as buttons.

Given the fact that baby Easter craft ideas must be baby-friendly, you should try using fewer small parts which could come apart and be ingested. Preferably, do the simplest model with ribbons on the margins and as handles, or a felt cut-out flower sewed on.

3. Felt Bunny finger puppets

crafted felt bunny fingers for baby easter

This is one of our favorites out of all baby Easter craft ideas. We can almost bet that it will be your baby’s favorite as well. These felt bunny Easter puppets are another great idea on KidSpot. They’re very easy to make and will be so much fun for the baby to interact with over and over again.

4. Cardboard garden craft

Baby Easter craft ideas cardboard flowers

Here’s a great idea to mark the spot of the Easter egg hunt with colorful cardboard flowers. It will make the place more visible and interesting for baby and it will be nice garden decor for the holidays. You find instructions on Reuse, Grow, Enjoy, although we recommend a twist on the project to make it more baby proof. Try using felt or soft paper instead of the cardboard and cardboard instead of the popsicle sticks. If your baby is at the stage of biting, shaking and waving things, it will reduce the risk of injury.

5. Envelope bunnies

envelope bunnies Baby Easter craft ideas

This is probably one of the easiest of baby Easter craft ideas: cute and simple decorations we found on Martha Stewart’s website. The envelope bunnies can be placed anywhere in the house. Be careful, though! Don’t fill the envelopes with small things which the baby could ingest or hurt himself with.

6. Bunny Bums garland

baby Easter craft ideas bunny bums

If you are feeling creative this year, we saved the best for last. While looking for the best baby Easter craft ideas, we came across this bunny bum garland with different colored sheets of paper. All you need is a template for the bunnies (which should not be that hard to find), paper, a ribbon, and cotton buds for tails. It looks fantastic and it’s fun and easy to make.

Hope you have a fun Easter!

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Featured image source: www.kidspot.com.au

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