6 Ideas for the First Mother’s Day Card from Baby

A very precious memory for every mom is the first Mother’s Day card from her baby.

Of course, nobody expects the baby to roll up their sleeves and start working on a masterpiece. Instead, it’s the dads and other dear ones who are responsible for the first Mother’s Day card from the baby. If you have never done this before, take a deep breath, relax, and continue reading this article because it’s nothing complicated. You might even get inspired by our solutions and find your own great idea on the way.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  1. Custom first hug and kiss image.

Surely you have this picture. It’s the picture of the first hug when the newborn baby is placed in the mommy’s arms for the first time and it is very emotional. One great way to go around this first Mother’s Day card from the baby is to get an artist to re-master the image and make it amazing, artistic, and play even more on all of the emotional weight it already has.

  1. A card with handprints and footprints.

It’s time for baby to get its little hands and feet dirty! Get special paint and make sure the little one is not allergic to anything in it. This is very important because you don’t want a nice gesture to turn into a little tragedy. Then get creative. Many people opt for the LOVE word made out of palms and little feet. You can literally do anything with them and personalize your first Mother’s Day card from the baby.

  1. Record baby’s laugh on an audio card.

Record the baby’s gurgle and laughter and make a personalized audio greeting card for her. Include a funny translation of what the baby is mumbling and you will have a souvenir for life, both cute and funny.

  1. Cut-outs in the form of small baby hands.

Make small cut-outs after baby’s little hands. You will have to use that very small and pointy pair of scissors so cut carefully along the very small lines. It’s best to make the cut-outs in a different colored paper which you can later attach to the card and write on the cut-outs or around them. She will be very touched at the sight of those little hands on her first Mother’s Day card from her baby.

  1. A card with a little sock/cap inside from the maternity.

Remember those very small and cute things baby had on the first day? Like the small cap or the small socks or the small gloves? Those will look amazing in a special card reminding her of the day in which her baby was born and in which she became a mother. Never underestimate the power of those incredibly small items. The baby is only going to get bigger, which makes every first Mother’s Day card from baby incredibly unique and special to any mother.

  1. A very fancy feeding schedule to help Mom look forward to it.

This is the really creative and fun first Mother’s Day card from a baby. Get the baby feeding schedule and turn every meal into a special date between the two. You can turn it into a feeding book with pictures and cute names for meals and pictures of babies and moms. You can even imagine them traveling all over the world, eating at the finest restaurants. This fun way to look at it will make the tired nursing mom even more excited and curious about the next location of the baby’s meal.

This gift can be even more thoughtful and fun than a simple card signed in the name of the baby, although mothers are known to get emotional over that as well. Even so, putting a little more effort into it will prove worth it. Think about what she might like and about the moments which impressed her most throughout the pregnancy, how she thought things would be like once the baby arrived and what she hoped things would be like. Use all of this information to make her feel reassured, listened to and to help her see how everything comes together nicely, even with the help of a simple gift like the first Mother’s Day card from her baby.


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