5 Things to Do on Mother’s Day with a Baby

As one of the most beloved days for moms approaches, we have gathered five fun five things to do on Mother’s Day with a baby.

All moms want to feel special on this day. What better way to feel special than by spending the day with the person who made you a mom? While your baby may not be old enough to make cards or crafts for you, there are still plenty of things to do on Mother’s Day with a baby.

Here’s what we suggest…

Family walk

Enjoy a nice family walk. This is a great activity for all family members and gives you the chance to bond and spend quality time together. Your baby will have so many benefits from spending a day outside. Besides fresh air and the sun, your baby can show off his newly acquired skill if he’s already walking.

Instead of spending the entire time in the stroller, let your baby walk around, even if you need to hold the baby’s little hands all the time. Of course, you should have your baby walk on grass or any other soft surface that will help cushion the falls while your baby is practicing.

Family picnic

As long as you are outside and the weather is nice, you could also have a family picnic in the nearby park or by the river. Make sure you bring some food your baby will enjoy and some of the baby’s favorite toys. Your family will have lots of fun outdoors.

A family picnic, as well as a family walk, is the perfect time to take family photos. Whether you hire a professional photographer or take photos with your phone, these are the memories that will certainly find their place in your family photo album or a baby’s scrapbook. Since we’re talking about things to do on Mother’s Day with a baby, why not include taking a family photo? This is something every mom will cherish!

Reading session

Reading and talking to babies is known to be helpful in boosting a baby’s intelligence. It also has a positive influence on a baby’s communication skills. With that in mind, consider this Mother’s Day an opportunity for you and your baby to bond during a reading session. Since your baby is too young to fully understand and comment on the actual story, choose books that have a lot of images to look at while you read. Here are a few suggestions: The Mother’s Day Mice, The Night Before Mother’s Day, I Love You, Mom (Board book).

You could also play a game while you go through the book. Ask your baby “What’s this?” and point to the family members on the images, or animals, toys, etc. Help your baby answer, as the vocabulary at this stage is rather limited, but this game will encourage your baby to try to speak.

Painting and crafts

Involving babies in painting and craft activities early on, besides being fun, is also beneficial for their development, which is why we include this as one of the things to do on Mother’s Day with a baby. Although crafts and painting are activities that evolve as your baby grows, you could still use stamping as an interesting technique to create paintings with your baby. You could cut out unusual shapes using cookie cutters and use them as a stamp. You will also need color dissolved in a little bit of water. You could also just buy ready-made stamps. Additionally, you could use yours and baby’s hands as stamps, leaving small and big hand prints on the paper in various colors.

When you’re done with the crafts and paintings, let them dry for a while before you put them on the fridge or in the baby’s scrapbook as a memory of baby’s first Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Puppet Show

Babies will love this activity! Use a couple of stuffed animals and make a stage out of a chair, behind which you can hide. Act out a story and try to involve other family members as well to bring everyone together. Use simple language, make funny noises, and use animals to illustrate a story so your little one can enjoy and laugh together with other family members.

What all these activities have in common is time spent together, time for a baby and a mom to bond. Use Mother’s Day as a day devoted to you and your little baby, as the years will fly by quickly and your baby will soon grow up into a beautiful toddler. As you celebrate a day devoted to you, think about your baby who is already or will soon start calling you “mommy” and spend precious moments together.

Choose one or several of these things to do on Mother’s Day with your baby and enjoy family time with your loved ones.


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