10 Mother’s Day Crafts With Babies

Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated occasions in any country.

In fact, it is the busiest day of the year for restaurants, reported by the National Restaurant Association. And did you know that most of these plans are spent eating seafood, ethnic cuisine, and steak? But since the global medical situation looks like it isn’t going away anytime soon, creating art crafts during this special event has been a popular alternative. Yes, you can keep the celebration simple yet memorable by doing a collaborative activity with your family.

And you don’t have to plan for expenses either, because most art crafts are doable with simple art supplies! There are a lot of things that you can do with just creativity and resourcefulness.

10 Crafts Ideas For Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day with your children is one of the most precious memories to have throughout your parenthood. And one way to make this event special is by creating artworks together with your baby and other kids. Here are 10 easy crafts that you can create with your young ones on this special occasion.


1. Mother’s Day Handprint Flowers

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the third most popular occasion for flower gifting? It is the next in line right after Christmas and Hanukkah. But if you feel like making a flower to keep for a lifetime, you can create beautiful handprint flowers with your baby.


It’s a stimulating experience that allows your child to learn about colors. And all of this fun while you’re spending time with him or her, it’s a win-win activity!


2. Pop-up Cards

Sending out cards with lovely messages is a popular idea because it tends to always work wonderfully. But since babies and kids don’t really have the affluence of words yet, card-making might just become a boring thing. But that’s not the case when you turn card-making into a fun and creative art activity.


Instead of writing with pen and paper, create a pop-up card and let your young one decorate it with crayons or water-removable paint. This activity can also help in stimulating your baby’s understanding of 3-dimensional shapes.


3. Homemade Photo Holder

Want something a bit carefree-looking but has some utility and aesthetic? You can make this photo holder by only using paint and pieces of rock. A fun thing you can do is to let your baby choose the rock (in a clean and safe environment). Color it together with baby-safe paint while supervising your child. This is to avoid the baby accidentally putting the paintbrush in the mouth. Once it’s done and dry, finish it with a thin layer of any sealant like Mod podge. Attach a wire with beads decoration like in the picture so you can actually attach a photo.



4. Tin Can Butterfly Planters

Another fun mother’s day art activity is creating characters out of tin cans. This might not sound like a good idea on the get-go, but it is an easy and fun activity when supervised properly. If you have leftover handprints from the handprint flowers activity, you can attach them as “wings” into a colored tin can. Draw a face and put a plant to make it look complete.



5. Mother’s Day Plates

These ceramic Mother’s Day plates are very cheap and easy to prepare. You can even get the plates for less than $5 on sales if you look in the right places. Give your baby and kids some colored permanent markets and let them make a portrait of you.


It would be surprising to see how your little sweethearts perceive you with small details such as clothing colors and held items. These drawings would be permanent, so be mindful of where you set the activity table.


6. Egg Carton Flowers

The next activity is also relatively cheap and easy to make; you only need three materials for this project (4 if you count the stick.) Cut your egg cartons in a four-petal shape to make your flower. Note: don’t use foam egg cartons, or it will not work. The next step is coloring the flower with acrylic paint. Let it dry before attaching the stick for a stem.



7. Shrinky Dink Pendants

This one’s a little bit more complicated in the sense that you need to use the oven to work. Oven in an artwork? But how? Shrinky Dinks! Make your own design in the shrinky paper sheets with colored sharpies with your baby, you can do any design, as long as it is pendant-size. Cut it in a circle (or any shape that you want) and throw them in the oven for 10-20 seconds then attach the tie.



8. Paper Flower Bouquet

This project has a similar feel to the homemade photo holder, but instead of putting decorations in the base, you will customize the frame itself. Pattered papers work best to minimize the work done in decorating the flower frame.


Take note that you need a photo of your baby to make this art, so use a duplicate if you’re not comfortable in cutting an only picture.


9. DIY Heart Scribble Mug

If you want a gift that you can actually use in the long run, a scribble mug is a good option. All you need is a mug with no design, a porcelain pen (any color), and a sticky back plastic.


Trace a heart or any shape that you prefer in the sticky back plastic. Align the shape in the mug and wrap the plastic around. Let your young ones fill the shape with the porcelain pen. Unstick the plastic and remove the smudges from the outer edges as needed.


10. Old Fashioned Mother’s Day Card

A cardstock paper, markers, and sweet words of showering love are all needed to make a heart-melting Mother’s Day card. But since your young one cannot express his or her love with words yet, decorating the card would be enough. Create decorative items and let your baby decide where to put these in the card.


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