8 Natural Ways to Recover after Birth

Giving birth is a huge physical event.

You’re going to need time to recover after birth. It could take up to a year for you to recover, so be gentle and patient with yourself.

“Dr Julie Wray, of Salford University, interviewed women two to three weeks, three months and six to seven months after they had given birth to gain a unique insight into postnatal recovery. She concluded that it takes a year to recover from childbirth.” ~Daily Mail

Here are some natural ways to naturally heal your post-birth body:

1. Bask In The Tub

Baths are an excellent way to recover after birth. Let your significant other care for the baby for a bit and take a warm, relaxing bath. It can help reduce the stress of new parenthood and can help heal and relieve some of the pain and strain you may be feeling.

2. Gentle Exercise

Do this only when you are ready. Your midwife or doctor can recommend some post-birth exercises for you to help release stress and pain. But, be very gentle. It is especially important to take great care of your back after you have carried a baby for 9 months. Walking is great, too.

3. Talk It Out

You may be extra weepy and emotional for a short period. If it is lasting longer, you could be dealing with post-partum depression. Seek out medical attention if needed and have someone that you can talk to about your emotions.

4. Breathe Deeply

Your tummy will have separation issues from its recent expansion. Deep breathing exercises can set you on the road to healing that separation while also helping you feel more relaxed.

5. Take It Slow And Steady

Though celebrity moms appear to just bounce back, recovery can take time. Be gentle, slow and steady with your recovery as your body adjusts.

6. Wear An Abdominal Band

You can purchase bands specifically for recovering your stomach after birth. You will want to use one with gentle, not too tight, compression.

7. Take Naps

I know it is super hard with a new baby in the house. But, while the baby is sleeping, rather than trying to get housework done, rest. Take a nap when you can. Especially if you have been up feeding at night.

8. Increase Your Magnesium

Always consult your doctor when adding supplements, but magnesium can be a great help. It can boost your mood and keep stress at a much lower level. You can even get topical oils to rub on your belly if you don’t want to swallow it in pill form.

Don’t discount what it takes to recover after birth. Your body needs it, and you deserve it!

Hope this helps. Happy recovery! 


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