Top Tips for Caring for Your Newborn’s Skin


As smooth as a baby’s behind – that’s how many describe the softness and pureness of a baby’s unweathered skin. So let’s help you to protect it with these simple tips!

Protection from direct sunlight

Until the ripe old age of six months, babies should be kept entirely out of direct sunlight (unless of course your pediatrician recommends a small amount of daily direct sun for mild jaundice). This is based on the recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). If you do go out in the sun, make sure your baby is wearing the right gear, including sunscreen, protective clothing, a hat and socks. Of course, do your absolute best to stay in the shade as much as possible!

Baby Sun Protection

Protection from pesky bug bites

Insects and bugs are a part of the outdoor life, but we don’t want them nibbling on our babies. Sun protective clothing (long sleeves and long pants) will also protect her from bug bites, and there are also all natural, non-toxic bug repellants you can use once baby is older than two months.

There’s no need to bathe your baby every day

Too much bath time will dry out a baby’s naturally soft skin, and daily baths aren’t necessary. Babies don’t typically get dirty enough to warrant a bath, at least not until they are crawling and eating very messy solids. Otherwise, a bath or two a week should do with rub downs using a wet, warm cloth, in between.

Always wash new outfits before your baby wears them

Don’t clothe your baby in something new until it has been washed (neither should you for that matter!). You don’t know who’s tried something on before you, or where the garment has travelled. If your baby seems to have sensitive skin, use a chemical-, fragrance- and dye-free detergent for washing the garments.

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