Top Tips And Tricks For Tightening Skin After Baby

Have you just had a baby? Are you ready for some tightening skin tips and tricks?

After you have your baby care routine down, you may begin to focus on shedding the extra weight and tightening up loose skin from growing a human being inside your belly. Here are some tips…

Walk The Pounds Off

Part of losing the extra skin is to lose those extra baby pounds. Grab a stroller, pack up Baby, and go for a walk! Walking is an easy way to ease back into exercise.  Remember that you have helped create a miracle, so give it time and don’t be too hard on yourself. You will want to lose the weight slowly to avoid more loose skin. Be patient.

Strength Train

Once you are back to being active, you can start some strength training to tighten up your loose areas. Strength training will help improve your overall tone and help you burn more calories. Improving your muscle to fat ratio will give you a firmer appearance and help you feel strong. 

Exfoliate Your Body

This one you can do every time you are in the shower. Prepare to take a few extra minutes to give your body a good scrub. The Stir says,

…scrubbing increases the flow of blood to the area and encourages the creation of more healthy and elastic skin.

Get yourself a nice sugar scrub that smells delightful and make exfoliating a much-deserved break.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is a huge gift. Not only will it help you to release extra pounds, but it plumps the skin and makes it more elastic. Water is also refreshing. Be sure to drink extra when you exercise or are out in the dry air. You can get a water bottle with times on the side as a reminder of when to drink and how much.


Whether you get your protein in a powder form or from food, it contains collagen that can help improve the health and appearance of your skin. It can also help repair your muscles along with those strength training sessions.

How to Tighten Loose Skin after Pregnancy

What’s your top skin tightening tip?


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