This baby gets her breast milk in the mail – Find out why

Are you breastfeeding enough?

Raising a toddler can hardly be referred to as being easy. There are many challenges that make this an uphill task for most parents. And it is usually more complicated and stressing for first time parents. Newborns are extremely sensitive and will require constant attention. This can prove to be too difficult for some parents.

Despite these challenges, the parents should make sure the tots have had enough breast milk. And especially so during the first few months after delivery. Even in the cases of unplanned pregnancy where mothers may contemplate putting up their kids for adoption, breastfeeding should not end there.

Although some of the mothers who put up their babies for adoption may want to cut all ties for various reasons, that would not be the best thing to do. Especially to your lovely newborn. Whether you there are financial constrains or schooling issues( happens mostly with teen mothers), breastfeeding is very important.

One such teen mother made the hard but sweet decision to keep her baby on breast milk for the recommended period of time after the baby was adopted. Kaleena Pysher has been pumping and sending breast milk to her toddler just to keep up.

Pysher says she learned about the benefits of breastfeeding from a home health nurse who provided her with prenatal care. Once she knew the benefits of breast milk over formula, the teen says she knew she had to try breast-feeding and pumping.

“When a baby is fed breast milk, they are just way ahead of the game. I decided that I wanted my baby to have the best options and to be able to grow — and so, I knew I was going to pump and give her that benefit,” said Pysher.

Diana West, director of media relations for La Leche, was impressed with Pysher’s act of kindness.

“La Leche League International greatly supports the tremendous efforts of this young mother to give her milk for this baby’s health,” she said. “It is a gift that will benefit the child for a lifetime.”

This only goes to show just how much of a difference a mother can make to their child’s life with a little more effort. More parents clearly need to borrow a leaf from this brave young teen and do more to breastfeed their babies.

Pysher learned she was pregnant last spring during her senior year of high school. She told TODAY Parents that she decided on adoption early in her pregnancy, after discovering that a family friend was seeking to adopt.

She was lucky because after finding out that they are pregnant at such an early age, many girls give up on life altogether. There have been reports of teenage girls deciding to take their own lives after such news. This is usually because such teens feel very guilty. On the one hand they cannot afford to raise a child while on the other hand; they cannot bear the thought of giving away their baby to a random stranger. Having someone they knew take her child probably made it a lot easier for her.

Pysher was only four months into her pregnancy when she connected with the adoptive family, who wishes to remain anonymous. Throughout her pregnancy, she talked with the couple daily, sent ultrasound photos, and kept them informed about the baby’s condition.

This type of support is often critical for teen moms especially those who plan to put up their babies for adoption. This helps to lessen the guilt that sometimes comes with the decision. It also helps the mother feel less like they are disposing of the baby and more like they are protecting the baby. This way they know that the baby is going to a home where they will be taken good care of.

It was seven months into her pregnancy when Pysher informed the adoptive family that she wanted to be able to breast-feed the baby, named Raylie, during their time together in the hospital, and to then continue pumping breast milk and sending it to them for the first few months of Raylie’s life.

Such commitment is rare and it take a special type of teen to pull it off. When a mother first breastfeeds a certain bond is created. This is why some moms giving up their child prefer not to even breastfeed the child when they are born.

Pysher says she has had great success with pumping, sometimes getting six ounces of breast milk from each breast every two hours. She packed the milk into freezer bags and stored it in her freezer until each shipment could be packaged and sent to the adoptive family, who covered shipping costs. In fact, Pysher has been so successful with pumping that the adoptive family has told her they have plenty of breast milk and don’t need more. The teen plans to donate the extra milk she has in her freezer to a milk bank in Colorado, where it will be screened and sent to babies in neo-natal intensive care units.

Trends of mothers opting not to breastfeed tods are on the rise. This is very unfortunate. Stories like this one of teen Pysher are rare but the just go to show what a mother’s love can achieve. More women should take the cue from this brave young woman and do more in terms of breastfeeding their toddler for at least their first six months of life. This will give their little bundles of joy a better life ahead.

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