The Habit That Is Keeping Your Baby Up All Night

The Negative Aspect to Comforting your Child

Believe it or not, comforting your crying child in the early hours of the morning or middle of the night, could actually be more detrimental than positive.

Our paternal and maternal urge to pick up our crying child is something we can all relate to , but a recent study performed by the University of London can indicate it could be causing problems with her sleeping patterns.

The researches at the University videotaped infants as they slept and discovered that 45 percent of babies would sleep over five hours when three months old. But what was surprising was that 25 percent of the subjects were able to self settle and put themselves back to sleep when they woke in the middle of the night. 67 percent of the babies that were able to do this at five weeks old were sleeping five or more hours later on in their baby lives. Compare that figure to 38 percent of babies sleeping that long who weren’t able to resettle themselves.


No one answer

Juana Cuevas, M.D., an OBGYN at St. John’s Riverside in Yonkers, N.Y., says…

“There are times when a baby wakes up and if they’re just really fussy you can give them a few minutes to settle down, but if they’re really crying, there’s no harm in picking them up and trying to comfort them.” //

She adds though that if you baby has been well fed, you know the diaper is clean and they have just awoken, give them a few minutes to try and settle down.

Dr. Cuevas says that babies who are between six to 12 months are more likely to resettle than those less than six months old. So the moral of the story? It might be a good idea to try and train your baby to resettle themselves. To at least give it a go for a few minutes at a time.

Sleep on it.


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