Tips to Soothe a Fussy, Teething Baby

Timing varies widely, but most babies start teething at about 6 months.

The lower central incisors, or two bottom front teeth, usually appear first followed by the two upper teeth. Take a look at this post to see how your baby’s teeth will probably come in. Irritability and crankiness, chewing on solid objects, drooling, and sore gums are classic symptoms of a teething baby.

Keep in mind, having brand new teeth cut through their gums can cause any teething baby pain, soreness, irritation, or a throbbing discomfort. Your baby is fussy for a reason! They uncomfortable, possibly in pain, and maybe even scared by this dramatic change taking place in their body.

Do your best to be patient despite their fussiness. It’ll pass, we promise!

If you’re not sure how to ease your baby’s pain, here’s a few tips to soothe their sore gums.
  • Teething necklace

Your baby will need lots of carrying and cuddling during this time. A teething necklace is a great distraction as it gives your baby something to gnaw on and keep them occupied.

  • Frozen washcloths

Try to lightly dampen some clean washcloths then put them in the freezer. When baby needs something to soothe their gums, give them the washcloth to chew on. The cold will hopefully numb their gums enough to ease the pain.

  • Toys

There are several toys available that are also ‘teethers’. Give them a wash since they will be spending most of the time in your baby’s mouth. New and interesting toys also provide a distraction.
  • Frozen banana/ mango/ apples / etc slices

It’s easy to chop up these fruits into bite sized pieces and freeze them. Next time baby starts to get fussy, give them these frozen fruit treats. Stay close to avoid the fruits becoming choking hazards, and only give them to older infants who are ready for solid foods.

  • Over-the-counter medicine

If all else fails, first consult your doctor about the best medication you can get and give it to your baby when they are uncomfortable.

Always check your baby’s ‘teether’ for cracks or any damage. This will prevent them from becoming choking hazards. Clean these items regularly to prevent diarrhea or illness

What are some of the tricks you’ve used to soothe your teething baby? Please share in the comments section!


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