Post Pregnancy Workouts with Your Baby? Here’s How.

You are looking to get your body back in shape, but don’t want to sacrifice time with your baby. No worries, these post baby workouts allow you to bond with baby while you get your sweat on. It’s multi-tasking at it’s finest!

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Dance with your Baby
Literally. Wear your baby and dance yourself in shape.

Yoga is a workout option that helps to increase range of motion, muscle tone and breathing. Babies often enjoy the up and down movements involved when changing positions in yoga.

Walking with baby in a stroller or in a carrier is an exercise that can be performed at your own pace. You are able to control the length and intensity of each walk, increasing each of these factors as you build endurance. There may also be some stroller walking groups in your area. ~blog.letop, 10 Fun Exercises to Do with Your Baby (Visit for all 10!), 8 New Mom Workout Moves to Do with Baby 


As a new mom, you’re busy morning till night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in an effective workout. To prove it, we’ve put together some quick, energizing exercises that you can do at home in minutes. These simple moves work your whole body yet don’t require hours of effort—plus, your baby will be front and center during these moves, so the two of you can bond while you’re working out. You can do the “quickie” routines separately or together every other day. With your doctor’s approval, it’s fine to start doing these exercises as early as six weeks after you’ve given birth (probably longer if you had a Cesarean section).

Here are some videos you can use to follow along…

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