Poisons and Baby

This topic is a scary one for parents, I know, but it’s important. There are common household items that can be poisonous for your baby. We’ve covered some of this in baby proofing posts (See here: Baby Proofing Your Home & Ready To Baby Proof Your Home), but wanted to cover poisons specifically…


Young children explore the world by putting things in their mouth, and even curious older children don’t always know what’s unsafe. That explains why more than 1 million children under age 6 are victims of accidental poisoning each year.

You can help keep your child safe by knowing what items are toxic and what to do if he or she would accidently swallow or inhale something poisonous.

The Poison Control Center Lists the Most Common Poisons To Children:

Common and Dangerous Poisons, Poison Control Center

Cosmetics and personal care items are the first on the list because we often focus on cleaners and don’t think about these. Laundry products and even vitamins are also high on the list. And, don’t forget to install that carbon monoxide detector! (Click the link above for the list.)

What should I do if my child swallows something that could be poisonous? Baby Center

You will want to call 911 immediately if you notice difficulty breathing and severe pain.

If the symptoms seem less serious, you can call poison control center and ask questions. Either way, always be ready with your baby’s size, weight, etc. It’s good to keep this info on hand, like attached to your fridge, for emergencies. When you are panicking even the small details can be hard to remember and relay. Also keep emergency numbers, like posion control, close by the phone.

You can also keep activated charcoal on hand in your medicine cabinet in case…

Poisons and Baby- Storage, Procedures, and Prevention

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