Fabulous Body After Baby…There’s Hope!

Looking for a fabulous body after baby?

Below are a couple of before, during and after pregnancy body journeys and how each mom got back into shape after their little one was born. It took determination. This is not about body shaming. If you have had a baby, you are a rock star! After all, you grew a human!

This is about inspiration if you do want to get fit after pregnancy and birth. Let’s take a look at two moms’ journeys and then we will jump into some workout resources that include baby so you don’t have to sacrifice your time together for the gym…

Body After Baby

Malin Bjork has become somewhat of an internet sensation/postpartum inspiration. You can find her on YouTube Here or on Instagram Here.

And, for second or more time moms…


  • Workouts Daily
  • Started with Gentle Walking
  • Continued Prenatal DVDS
  • Harder DVDs
  • 3 Day Rotation (BarreAmped, Cardio-walking first, then running intervals, Yoga)

6 Easy Home Workouts Get Your Body Back After Baby

You can workout with baby! It can be loads of fun and you get together time plus exercise simultaneously!

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Body After Baby

Happy working out! 


Featured image source: www.5050fitnessnutrition.com

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