Did You Know These 6 Amazing Facts about Breastfeeding?

With all the recent controversy going on in the news regarding breastfeeding, we thought this would be a great time to remember just how truly amazing breastfeeding can be. Here are some of the most astounding facts we found:

  • Probably the most amazing and important fact is that moms who breastfeed usually sleep more compared to moms who don’t. One of the biggest fears new parents face is that they’ll become insomniacs for the next few years, although studies have shown that breastfeeding moms sleep 45 minutes longer on average each night.
  • Even if you come down with the flu, it is still beneficial to keep breastfeeding. Breast milk contains all the antibodies your baby needs to fight any virus that you come into contact with. According to an article posted on Best for Babes, “your body will make antibodies against every virus you are exposed to and deposit them in your milk to protect your baby from getting sick, or help them to get better faster.”
  • Breastfeeding can significantly improve your baby’s dental health. You might never have to worry about braces and cavities if you breastfeed! Best for Babes says that breastfeeding “helps the proper formation of the jaw, palate, teeth and gums” in babies, and the benefits are greater the longer you breastfeed.
  • Children who have breastfed are able to deal with stressful situations better than formula-fed children. Since mom’s milk has so many developmental benefits, it’s no wonder this gives kids advantages later on in life.
  • Last but not least, breastfeeding a baby girl can reduce her risk of developing breast cancer by 25%. This is a truly amazing statistic and one that just adds to the hundreds of benefits of breastfeeding.
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