Dealing With Mommy Brain?

After having a baby, you brain may feel scattered and unfocused. The “mommy brain” is not just myth or legend. And, it just so happens, that not all the aspects of Mommy Brain are bad…

New moms may feel their brain cells dying with every cumulative hour of sleep loss. But a new study offers hope.

In the first months after giving birth, the study found, parts of a mother’s brain may actually grow. Even better news, doting mamas who gushed the most about how special and perfect their babies were showed the most growth. ~News Discovery

Still, there are other aspects of Mommy Brain that you will likely want to overcome. The negative issues of “Mommy Brain” can come from a variety of things due to your recent, major life change! These include everything from stress, sleep deprivation, to changes in diet.

If you are experiencing major lapses, you are not alone. You could even find yourself at the wrong place.

Allison McDowell-Enstrom, of Kenmore, Washington, nursed her son, Jackson, around the clock and blames insufficient shut-eye for the many memory lapses she suffered at the time. “Jackson had his two-month checkup, so off we went! When I walked into the office, something didn’t feel right. I told the receptionist I was there to see the doctor, and she said, ‘You mean dentist, don’t you?’ That’s when I put it all together  — we’d driven to my dentist’s office!” 

Mommy Brain Moments,

“I would walk around with my toddler on my hip then panic because I couldn’t find him.”

-Katrina Harper

If you are experiencing Mommy Brain, it is important to take care of yourself, forgive yourself, and keep things in perspective. Your brain is changing to help you with all the challenges that being a new mom entails.

The amygdala is the part of the brain linked to both pleasure and fear — and it not only grows significantly in size after a woman gives birth; it stays enlarged for the rest of her life. A big amygdala doesn’t make you paranoid, though — rather, the amygdala plays a key role in how the body emotionally responds to huge stresses, like trauma (or, say, suddenly being responsible for a tiny human being). ~Bustle

Research shows that your brain is in fact, altered and permanently,

“Our most recent research shows that previous motherhood alters cognition and neuroplasticity in response to hormone therapy, demonstrating that motherhood permanently alters the brain,” the lead researcher, Dr. Liisa Galea, said in a press statement. ~CBS News

The time may pass, but according to CBS, hormone therapy could be an option to cope. What are your thoughts? Have some tips on coping with mommy brain and using it to your advantage? 

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