Are You and Your Baby Struggling Through Cold Season?

“A cold is a minor infection in the nose and throat caused by any one of more than 200 viruses that your tot inhales or picks up from the things she touches. Stock up on tissues and saline nose drops. While your infant’s immune system is maturing, she’ll get about seven colds a

A cold is not too serious for you baby, but you will need to monitor to make sure the symptoms do not get worse. Baby’s under three months can develop pneumonia easier. A baby under 4 weeks needs to be taken to the ER when temperatures rise at or above 100.4 rectally. If you are concerned be sure to check with your pediatrician.

If your baby does indeed just have a cold, here are some things to make your days and nights easier for you and baby…

 During the Day

 Babies under 4-5 months do not have a good ability yet to breathe out of their mouths. This means that you will need to suction the nose to clear out congestion.

If your baby is having trouble feeding due to a stuffy nose, the Baby Center Medical Board approves of nasal drops,

“If your baby is having trouble feeding because of a stuffy nose, nasal saline drops may help to unblock his nose. You can buy these from your pharmacy. Apply the drops to each nostril 15 minutes before a feed.”

Steamy air from a shower in the bathroom, a humidifier, or a cool mist vaporizer can also be of great help. If your baby is six months or older, warm liquids can be introduced during the day. Younger babies need to stick to breast milk, though.

No matter your baby’s age, lots of rest will be helpful both day and night.
During the Night or Sleep Time 

“The problem is when a baby has a cold they can’t sleep and can’t feed. So, of course, you have sleep deprived and anxious parents.” Baby Sleep Specialist, Jo Tantum

  • Use essentials oils for a natural decongestant.
  • Gentle warm bath
  • Use an aspirator/ rubber bulb syringe to clear baby’s nose
  • Gently massage baby to relax and clear sinuses
  • Final feeding and down for a good night’s sleep 

The main things to keep in mind are nutrients, lots of rest, and keeping that congestion at bay. You do not want to overdo it when it comes to suctioning your babies nose, as it may cause irritation. The main times are before feedings and at bedtime. And do not forget to clean your bulbs thoroughly after use.

 How to Use a Bulb Syringe to Clear Your Baby’s Mucus:

What’s you number one tip when your baby has a cold?

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