A visual guide to Newborn skin ailments

Newborn skin is prone to rashes, bumps and marks. While this is not intended to be medical advice, the following are the most common and thankfully harmless skin conditions your baby might develop.

#1 Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common newborn skin ailment characterized by red inflamed skin on the genitals or bottom. It can be caused by sensitivity to diaper brands or wipes or infrequent changing of diapers. Babies with diaper rash are irritable and fussy.

  • Treating diaper rash

Keep your baby’s skin as clean and dry as possible. Change diapers frequently and apply diaper cream to heal and protect the area. Allow your baby to be diaperless as much as possible during the day.

#2 Cradle cap

Cradle cap

According to WebMD, flaking, redness and crusty scales are symptoms of cradle cap. This is a common  skin affliction that is caused by a buildup of skin cells and oil. Cradle cap appears on the scalp as well as behind the ears and on the neck.

This newborn skin ailment is harmless and will go away within the first year.

  • Treating cradle cap

Massage oil into your baby’s scalp. When shampooing, use a soft bristled brush or toothbrush to loosen the scales.

#3 Baby acne

Baby acne

Pimples on baby’s cheeks and forehead develop around two to four weeks after birth. These usually clear up within a few months

  • Treatment for baby acne

Gently wash baby’s face and avoid squeezing, scrubbing or applying lotions and gels. Some moms apply breast milk to soothe the pimples.

#4 Eczema

baby Eczema

Eczema appears as red patches of dry itchy rough skin. It is mostly seen on cheeks, arms and leg joints and may be caused by food allergies, heat and sweat, heredity or dry skin.

  • Treatment for newborns with Eczema

moisturizing baby’s skin with lotion and lukewarm baths help to ease itching. Keep baby’s nails short so they don’t scratch.

#5 Heat Rash

Heat Rash

The symptoms of heat rash is fine clear red spots on the skin. Heat rash is caused by putting on too many layers during the cool months or overdressing baby in hot humid weather.

  • Treatment for heat rash

Heat rash disappears as soon as baby cools off. Cool baths can also help.

Adjust clothing as necessary to prevent heat rash.

#6 Milia

baby Milia

These are small white bumps on baby’s face and nose. They are caused by blocked oil glands and will clear up untreated within weeks.

#7 Jaundice


Jaundice is caused by excess red blood cells called bilirubin. It occurs because baby’s liver isn’t mature enough to rid itself of the excess cells. Within two to four days of birth, the whites of the eyes and baby’s’ skin turns yellow.

  • Treatment for Jaundice

Press your baby’s forehead gently. If the skin looks yellow your baby may have jaundice. contact your pediatrician if you suspect jaundice

#8 Roseola


This is a pink rash on the neck, arms and torso. It usually occurs between six months and two years old. Roseola is a result of a virus that causes mild illness. The rash follows a fever but is not itchy

  • Treatment for Roseola

The rash usually goes away with no treatment. Consult your doctor on how to manage baby’s fever


Most newborn skin ailments require little or no medical intervention. These skin conditions usually clear up just fine with a little extra care.

Has your baby ever developed any of the skin conditions mentioned? How did you treat or manage it?


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