How to Breastfeed in Public in 5 Easy Steps

It seems everywhere you look these days, someone is fighting for the right to breastfeed in public. From Alyssa Milano taking a stand to lawsuits fighting discrimination against breastfeeding moms in the workplace, it’s becoming a public movement by young moms everywhere.

Offering some much-welcomed comic relief to this movement is What’s Up Moms, a website “started by mom friends hoping to give other moms the information they were seeking.”

The website has become that and much more, helping moms laugh about common, everyday struggles such as shaving, playdate trouble, picky dressers, and putting together a Barbie Dreamhouse.

This short video follows Meg and her son, Ryder, step-by-step as they attempt to successfully breastfeed in public.

Step 1: Find your spot to feed

When you’ve just stepped out in public and your child decides it’s nursing time, finding the right spot can be a challenge and, no, the stall of a public restroom is not an ideal choice!

Older children often struggle to focus with a lot of surrounding activity, quick to remove any semblance of a nursing cover. That leads us to …

Step 2: Attempt to cover up

WUM nails this one.

“Remember that fancy nursing cover that you got at your baby shower? Your baby hates it.”

Baby Ryder is then seen fidgeting with the cover, defeating any attempt Meg had being conspicuous with nursing at the table of a restaurant. She finally settles for, “just grab something that will cover a little shoulder.”


Because, no matter what …

Step 3: Prepare to be stared at

Any mom nursing in public has experienced all three of the “stares” highlighted in this video: the look of encouragement from a fellow mom with an infant, the look of disgust from other young women who have (more than likely) not yet experienced motherhood, and the look of … something difficult to define from a dude across the room.

The only thing you can do at that point is …

Step 4: Own it

This is an important message to any mom who has the guts to breastfeed in public because all of the above steps will happen!

“Because you are a breastfeeding rock star. This is hard and you are doing it! You are like, hey! I’m nourishing my kid! What are you doing?”

Once you can own it, says WUM, you should …

Step 5: Take the show on the road

Hey, once you’ve worked up enough courage to take this step, why stop taking it? Just keep on going!

Meg and baby Ryder are then shown in a number of different locations happily breastfeeding.

“Get a foot massage, hop a plane ride, take it pool-side.”

Why not? You’ve now mastered the art of breastfeeding in public.


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