6 Safe And Effective Ways To Clean Baby Toys

Cleaning baby toys regularly is important since babies have their own unique ways of exploring things around them.

With their natural curiosity, they are very eager to every little thing about their surroundings, including their toys. Unfortunately, they tend to answer their curiosities by putting things in their mouth to discover taste and texture.

Mouthing is a part of a baby’s natural development, that’s why it’s important to maintain the surroundings clean, especially their toys. When toys are passed around, dropped on the floor, or placed on a dirty surface, they can attract germs and viruses that we don’t want near our children’s bodies, especially in their mouths. With their weaker immune system, it’s easy for babies and younger children to get sick.

Hence, regularly cleaning your child’s toy properly should be a part of your regular parenting routine. In this article, we will look at more about 6 ways to effectively and safely clean your child’s toys and how often should you consider cleaning them. The effective cleaning method will depend on what type of toy needs to be cleaned.


How Often Should You Clean Your Baby’s Toys?

The rule of thumb that most parents follow is to clean the baby toys if the child is frequently using them. And yes, you should clean the toys regularly even if it’s still not looking dirty. Frequently used toys usually need a bit of scrubbing at least once a week while least-favorite toys can wait for a little while.

Toys that will likely be nipped upon by your young ones would need frequent attention. Wash these toys every day or after each playing session. This is to ensure that each toy is clean and properly washed each time your child plays with it.

Wash the toys immediately if your pets had carried or licked your baby’s toys with the mouth. You should also clean and disinfect the toys when shared with a sick child or touched by any sick person. And make it a habit to do wash your child’s toys after playdates and travels. After each cleaning session, don’t forget to store these items in a clean and dry environment.

Each type of toy requires different methods of cleaning due to different material properties. For instance, washing plushies and other soft toys using water and soap might not be a good idea. On the other hand, almost any cleaning method should be fine on plastic toys. You can check out which cleaning method works best with your child’s toys on the list below.


1. For Plastic Toys

Best way to clean plastic toys is to clean them with hot water and soapPlastic toys are very popular with both babies and parents alike. Babies love the bright colors and different size options that stimulate their cognitive functions. Parents love the ease and convenience when it comes to cleaning these toys. The best way to clean plastic toys is to clean them with hot water and soap (or dishwashing soap).

You can bulk-wash these baby toys by using a dishwasher (on the top rack).

2. For Stuffed Toys

Machine-washable soft toys are a thing, there are manufactured teddies out there that can be safely tucked into the washer. But for the unwashable bunch, the best way to keep them clean is to spot clean them before the dirt sticks to the surface. Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface, feel free to add a lovely scent to keep it refreshing after you clean the baby toys.

3. For Wooden Toys

To the best way to clean wooden toys is to use a soft brush to remove dirt and a soft cloth

Wooden toys such as building blocks and some train sets would not end well when submerged with water and soap. Moisture can encourage mold growth or weaken the wood when it dries out. To clean wooden baby toys, the best way is to use a soft brush to remove dirt and a soft cloth for other unwanted things. You can also spray vinegar or a non-toxic multipurpose cleaner before wiping things with a dry cloth.

4. For Bath Toys

Baby bath toys are not used for a prolonged period of time, but they are still considered as frequently used items. Unfortunately, you cannot use warm water to clean these baby toys, which can develop mold and mildew. To keep them clean and mold-free, wash them with soap and water after use and keep them dry. Make sure to squeeze hollow items to avoid residual water from staying in.


5. For Gadgets

Baby gadgets and electronic devices require a bit more attention during the cleanup. Although there are instances when battery-powered baby toys can be cleaned with water, the best way to clean electronic baby toys is to use surface wipes to avoid short-circuiting electrical components.


6. During Travels

During travels, the best way to clean and disinfect your baby’s toys is via surface cleaning wipesBaby toys still require regular cleaning even on travels (in fact, even on short trips). You never know when it will fall to the ground or when dirt goes into it. During these trips, the best way to immediately clean and disinfect your baby’s toys is via surface cleaning wipes.

Put them in your diaper bag to make them more accessible.


Do you have more tips on how to clean baby toys? Just send them over and we’ll add them to this list!

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