6 Easy At-Home Workouts to Lose the Baby Weight

Feeling like you have hit your “mom groove?” Ready to start working out again?

This post of workouts will have you feeling fierce! Be sure to bookmark this page so you can return again and again. These FREE workouts on YouTube will allow you to get your sweat on right in your living room. The great variety from yoga to HIIT will keep you from getting bored.

You can even include Baby!

Easy At-Home Workouts for Your Postpartum Bod

Are you the kind of woman that likes a challenge to get your booty in gear? Then check out this 30-day Postnatal Slimdown Challenge from Moms Into Fitness:

1. 4-Week Postnatal Slimdown Challenge
Postnatal Slimdown Workout Week 1
Postnatal Slimdown Workout Week 2
Postnatal Slimdown Workout Weeks 3 and 4
2. Postnatal Pilates For a Tighter Tummy

This is a more relaxing workout that you can even do before bed. It will stretch you out and release some of those tight muscles while helping to create a longer, leaner figure.

Another relaxing workout you can do with baby by your side…

3. 20-Minute Post Natal Yoga Class

If you want to go more intense and increase strength…

4. Post Natal Beginners HIIT Training Workout

If you want to include your baby in your workouts, try these…

5. Fun Post Natal Workout with Baby!
6. Mommy and Me Low Impact Cardio | 20-Minute Postnatal Workout for Mom and Baby

Have a favorite YouTube Postnatal Workout to share? Leave it in the comments…


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