11 Tips to Minimize Morning Sickness

Over half of pregnant women experience morning sickness according to data from US and UK public health authorities. Morning sickness is related to the elevated estrogen levels when pregnant women, coupled with low blood sugar and a greater susceptibility to smell.

Morning sickness subsides as the day goes on but does not only occur in the morning. It can be mild and simply cause nausea but majority of women will actually vomit throughout the day. Though morning sickness can  be unpleasant, it is normal and will settle down by the end of the first trimester.

To minimize the unpleasant effects of morning sickness, try the tips below.

#1 Get plenty of rest

Wear a sleep mask, dark glasses, ear muffs, anything and everything you need to block out the noise and rest. Purchase a maternity pillow which offers ideal back and stomach support.

#2 Avoid some foods

Spicy and fatty foods as well as caffeine should be avoided while pregnant

#3 Get up slowly

Take your time when getting up

#4 Eat frequent, small portions of food

The chances of experiencing nausea lowers if you have some food in your stomach. On an empty stomach, the acids will work on your stomach lining resulting in worse nausea.

Potassium in fruits may prevent morning sickness and proteins before going to bed will regulate your glucose levels

#5 Avoid the flicker of monitors

The rapid, almost unnoticeable flickering of the computer monitor could cause morning sickness. If you are susceptible to morning sickness due to monitor flicker, try to avoid using a computer completely. If you must, you should adjust the screen by making the fonts bold and larger and changing the background to a soft tan or pink color – this will help reduce eye strain

#6 Get active

Its hard to move around when you’re feeling lousy but physical activity improves the symptoms of morning sickness for many pregnant women.


#7 Drink lots of fluids

Being hydrated is crucial for good health, and very important during pregnancy. Some mothers with morning sickness may not feel like consuming their recommended eight glasses of water per day, especially if their stomachs seem not to let them. However, the more dehydrated you are, the more nauseated you will become.

If drinking water is hard, try adding apple cider vinegar and honey. Some mothers say flat Sprite helps, or decaffeinated cola. Sucking ice cubes made from water or fruit juice is also an effective method. The colder the drink, the easier it is to consume

#8 Ginger

Ginger is a stomach soother that relieves nausea. Sipping cold ginger ale or adding a piece of raw ginger to your tea or water may soothe your stomach. Snacks made with ginger such as ginger cookies and ginger bread also help prevent nausea

#9 Wear loose clothing

Restrictive clothing may exacerbate morning sickness symptoms

#10 Smell something fresh

Morning sickness is very much smell-associated – the pregnant mother becomes more sensitive to odors. Certain ugly smells, smells you cannot get away from, and potent smells such as perfumes can trigger an episode of unpleasant nausea. The most effective scents, according to self-reports, are lemon extract and/or rosemary.

#11 Avoid triggers

After a few days, you will figure out what your nausea triggers are. Avoiding them will reduce the frequency of vomiting as well as the severity of your symptoms

Get help for excessive vomiting

Hyperemesis gravidarum is excessive vomiting during pregnancy – a condition that may lead to dehydration and malnutrition. A woman with hyperemesis gravidarum may weigh over 5% less than she did before she was pregnant.

About 1 in every 300 pregnant women develop hyperemesis gravidarum. The condition does not usually persist beyond the 20th week of pregnancy. The doctor may recommend dietary changes, plenty of rest and the use of antacids. In severe cases the patient may need to receive fluids and nutrition intravenously.



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