Why One Mom Decided Not to Breastfeed

Breastfeed or formula feed?

The benefits of healthy breastmilk, for baby, are amazing. However, breastfeeding may not always be best for you.

There are times and circumstances when formula may be the better option. Is it possible that moms are being too pressured to breastfeed? It can be hard to make the best decision for yourself when you are feeling pressure to go one way.

“All too often, advocates cross the line from supporting a woman in her decision to breastfeed into compelling a woman to do so.” ~The New York Times

Some studies, like this one, are showing that the differences in benefits between breast and bottle may not be as great as previously thought.

While the results from data across thousands of children showed that “breastfeeding had better outcomes than bottle-feeding in factors like BMI, hyperactivity, math skills, reading recognition, vocabulary word identification, digit recollection, scholastic competence, and obesity,” when they limited the data to only study siblings who were fed differently (one sibling fed formula, the other breastmilk) researchers found that “the benefits [of breastfeeding] were not statistically significant.”

While natural, healthy breastmilk is better for baby, medication interactions, latching challenges, and lifestyle difficulties can make breastfeeding too much to handle.

Some moms experience a lot of pain and frustration in an attempt to breastfeed. Listen in for Jessica’s experience.

Breastfeeding to Bottlefeeding
  • Pain, mastitis
  • Trouble with baby latching
  • Blockages
  • Cracked nipples
  • Baby not getting enough milk

Sibling Study Shows Little Difference Between Breast- and Bottle-Feeding
Is Breastmilk Not Actually Superior to Formula?

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