Where Should You Put Your Newborn Down To Sleep?

Where should you put your newborn to sleep where he or she will be safe and sound?

Here are some guidelines for your 0-3-month-old…

Where Your Newborn Should Sleep

In Your Room

Your newborn baby needs to be close by you, so you can hear him or her when he or she awakes and so you can keep a close eye. This means that your rest may not be as efficient, but is important those first few months for baby’s safety.

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In a Bassinet

When baby is this young, it is best not to have them in the bed with you, A safe bassinet made for newborns is the best for a baby this size. It should be free of all stuffed animals and pillows, or anything that could cause a breathing issue for baby.

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In a Moderate Temperature

The room temperature needs to be kept between 68 and 71 degrees for baby to sleep safely. Newborn babies are not yet able to regulate their own temperatures.

In Light Clothing

One layer, like a lightweight onesie, is enough, along with baby’s swaddle, to keep him or her the right temperature throughout the night.

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In White Noise

A white noise machine creates the perfect ambiance for baby to sleep peacefully and undisturbed from minor sounds. This emulates the sound from the womb and keeps it from being too quiet.

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