What You Need to Bring With You to the Hospital

Planning the perfect overnight bag can be difficult, and planning for exactly what you’ll need during your hospital stay can be even more of a challenge. PopSugar recently created a list of 19 items that are often forgotten as you make your trip to the hospital. t2

Many moms are so busy thinking about baby’s needs that they forget about their own! A few simple items like dry shampoo or cleansing facial wipes can help you feel fresh when the inevitable visitors stop by to see you and baby.

The article also hits on some of the more digital-age items that can help make your stay easier. Most people won’t easily forget about a phone charger, but the article’s suggestion for an extension cord is one that many may not consider. “One of the most annoying things for me the last time I was in the hospital was that when my phone was charging, it could not reach my bed. Bring a small extension cord and you’ll avoid the annoyance.”

Everyone has a different story about giving birth, but anyone can make their experience more comfortable by remembering the basics. Check out the rest of the list for more great packing ideas!

original article: http://www.popsugar.com/moms/Things-Pack-Hospital-Birth-36046837

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