What to Expect: 14 Hilarious Parenting Tweets!

If you’re a doting mom or dad and you happen to have a Twitter account, we’re going to bet you tweet about your kids – and not just about the joyful things, but the crazy, sometimes bewildering things they say and do!

So if you’ve just had a little bundle of joy, here’s a little snippet of what to expect (and expect the unexpected) on all things parenting.


1. Please tell me you found it like that?

2. Because you’re worth it

3. Probably just went for a coffee

4. Dr. Google (or Yahoo)

5. Solution: Fight with them!

6. Does not compute

7. Wax on, Wax off

8. I see a bright future

9. He’ll find out when he’s 35

10. Confucius say…

11. Pure genius

12. Hmmm… no

13. Don’t taste it to find out.

14. Parenting Calculus

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