Traveling with a Baby? Here Are the Top Five Travel Destinations

With many airlines giving the baby a free ride, now happens to be a great time to start traveling with a baby.

Your baby will not always be small enough to just pick up and go. Sure there is a little extra packing involved to care for the baby on vacation, but the experience can be fun and rewarding. Not every destination is suitable, however.

Here are some ideal travel destinations when traveling with a baby.

Disney Cruise To The Carribean

Disney cruises are set up to keep both kids and parents happy with family-friendly restaurants, planned activities, and a variety of play areas aboard. Parents will enjoy it because they can live out childhood dreams and indulge in a bit of fun. There are lots of things to do with your little one, but with advanced registration you can get childcare for ages 3-36 months when you are in need of a break.

Baby will have so much fun in areas like the toddler splash zone. Plus, he or she can meet a variety of fun Disney characters.

Have another destination in mind besides the Carribean? No worries, check out all you options here: Disney Cruises

Rocking Horse Ranch Resort

Want to cowboy up and get your ranch on? This is a great family destination because kids stay free. An indoor water park, horseback riding, and planned activities will keep the littles busy. Now before you think this is just for older kids, as baby may be too young to ride a horse, Rocking Horse Ranch also has a nursery program.

Crafts, storytime, sing-alongs and age-appropriate activities with their fun-loving Counselors ensure your Little Tyke loves their time at the Ranch! In addition to crafts, story-time, and sing-alongs, the children utilize the resort’s age appropriate facilities with the accompaniment of their experienced and fun-loving Tykes counselors.

Parents can explore all the fun with baby, then leave the baby in the care of a helpful counselor while they take a trail ride. Learn more here: The Rocking Horse Ranch Resort

Beachy Rental

A way to make going to the beach with baby super chill and fun is to rent a beach house. If you have a beach within driving distance, you can just pack up the car and take a short road trip. This could be much easier than making your way through airport security with all of your baby’s things.

You could also invite the grandparents and make a family gathered out of it. They will get to see their precious grandbaby enjoy the beach and you will have babysitters when you and your significant other want to take a romantic walk at sunset.

Just check out and input your closest beach destination.

Mountain Retreat

If you feel more like hitting the mountains than the beach, you are sure to find some wonderful lodges that are happy to have the baby. For the more adventurous types, you could even go camping. Just do an internet search for the best tips from other parents that have experienced the whole camping-with-baby thing.

If you choose the retreat/resort route, look for ones with year-round child care like Smugglers’ Notch Resort in Vermont.

Feel yourself relax as you enjoy the great outdoors with baby in tow.

Cruise, ranch, beach, and mountains…we couldn’t conclude this list without a trip to the city.

City Adventure

There are some wonderful cities to visit that have a ton of family fun activities like museums, zoos, adventure parks, and discovery places. Think Nashville, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and even New York. If you hit up Atlanta, definitely visit the Georgia Aquarium!

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