How to Take Care of a Sick Baby

One of the most stressful times as a parent is when your child gets sick. You not only fear for their well being but you are constantly second guessing whether you’ve done enough, or too much, to help.

Although professional advice never hurts, to truly understand when your baby is sick you have to understand what they’re like when they are fine- and that’s something a parent knows better then anyone. Paying attention and noticing subtle changes in behavior can alert you a problem in their health that may not have yet fully developed, and catching sickness early is the most important factor in quick successful treatment.teddy-242878_640

Early Signs of Common Sicknesses:

  • While a fever is developing kids are often sleepy and lackadaisical.
  • The common cold usually has a build up period up a couple days. You will notice a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and maybe a fever
  • With the Flu, look to see if your child loses interest in playing or eating and becomes cranky. Look for a fever followed by a stuffy nose or cough.
  • If your child has a fever or stuffy nose and begins favoring their ear, it might be signs of an ear infection. has put together some quick tips to help put your worried mind at ease.

Their advice touches on devices such as the Nosefrida (snot suckers for the win!) and reminds you that it is ok to just pick up the phone and call the pediatrician if your child may be ill; though they also advise that the twelfth call in two days may be getting a little excessive.

It’s important to remember that being sick is part of a natural life, and their last tip Don’t Freak Out is probably the one you’ll need the most.

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