Tips for Better Sleep for Baby and for You!

A recently published article on WebMd by Stephanie Watson deals with the unpredictability and difficulty coping with your newborn’s sleep schedule. It’s a great piece on how to better manage you and your child’s sleep schedule.

“After your baby is about 4 months old, running into the nursery at every whimper can set a pattern that’s hard to break. ‘You really want to start having your child fall asleep independently so that they’re not dependent on rocking, nursing, going in the stroller,’ Mindell advises. ‘Then when they wake up in the middle of the night, they can fall asleep on their own.’”

Some other quick tips from the article:

  • Wrapping your baby in a blanket can help him feel secure enough to drift off to sleep.
  • If your baby is alone in the crib, no blankets should be on or around him (you want to lower the risk of SIDS).
  • Unless you plan on having a family bed indefinitely, don’t co-sleep with your baby, thinking you’ll transition them to their own crib at some point in the future.

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