8 Things To Do With Your Baby This Summer

Wondering what activities to do with your baby this summer? There are so many ideas!

Your baby can go along with you on your regular routine, but switch things up from time to time with these fun activities! Just make sure the baby is safe and you have everything packed that you will need for him or her.

Things To Do With Your Baby This Summer

1. Picnic Outside

Find a nice shade tree in the park or spread a blanket out on the beach under a sunshade. Pack up a meal and head to your favorite outdoor spot with the baby. Play with your baby, read a book, and just sit and enjoy.

2. Enjoy The Beach

If you are close to the beach or ready for a vacation, allow your baby his first fun by the surf. You can play in the water and sand while holding your baby. Watch the seagulls and feel the wind. Just make sure you and baby have the proper sun protection.

3. Enjoy Friends

Just because you have a baby in tow does not mean that you cannot meet up with friends this summer. Is it time for a girl’s morning out at brunch or perhaps a shopping spree? Take baby along with you and enjoy the togetherness.

4. Go to a Water Park

When the weather is hot who doesn’t love to play in the water? Get together with another family to go to the water park. Then you can take turns watching the kids in between wading around the kitty pool with the baby or babies.

Baby in Camping Chair

5. Backyard Fun

You can purchase an inflatable kiddy pool and a sprinkler to have water fun right in the backyard. Play water games or you can sit in the pool and cool off while holding him or her.

6. Go For A Stroll

Put baby in the stroller and walk around your neighborhood or around town. If you live close enough to a cafe, you could take the scenic route to grab some coffee or some breakfast. The morning is a great time for this before it gets too hot.

7. Summer Photo Shoot

Baby will be much bigger next summer, so take advantage of the time to create memories. Dress your baby in those cute summer outfits and take him or her out and about for a summer photo shoot. Change up locations and have fun.

8. Mommy and Me Exercise

You can check your local area for baby and me yoga/exercise classes. This way you can keep up your health and fitness for that summer body while still spending time together. If you cannot find a class maybe you can start one for you and your mommy friends.

Most importantly, whatever you do with your baby this summer, have fun, stay present, and capture the moments!

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