Tell-All Signs You Are Ready For A Baby

You’ve probably felt like you are the best auntie or uncle for your nephews and nieces. You’ve watched them grow, played with them, gave them awesome gifts on special occasions, and taught them some life lessons. You love them as if they are truly yours, but you are one step below the family hierarchy. You are not the parent. Should you have yours? Are you ready for a baby?

According to the Department of Agriculture, raising a child from birth until the age of 17 can cost up to $233,610. That is around $14,000 worth of expenses per year. That is a lot of money! But, let’s say you are financially ready. How can you tell if you are really ready to raise your own beautiful child? Here are some tell-all signs that you are up for the challenge and set to raise your own baby.

You’re Not Too Selfish Anymore

Are you willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of others? If you say yes or even if it’s a maybe, then you can be or are ready for a baby. Babies have a lot of needs and live on their schedule. This means that you will have to feed them and change them when they are ready, even if it’s 2 am.

This also means that you will always have to make their schedule a priority. If they’re sick you may have to miss an event that you were planning on attending for months.

You Smile When You See Babies Around

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It can either be conscious or subconscious but whenever you see babies around you can’t help but smile. It doesn’t matter if you knew the parents or a stranger but you have the urge to approach, appreciate, smile and even play with the baby. You feel complete bliss and envision a possible future. In your heart, you feel like having a bundle of joy in your arms is the right track.

You Feel Like You Have Extra Love To Give

Before you think about the list of possible names or the theme for your baby shower, ask yourself first “Do you have extra love to give?” Many of us even have a problem with loving ourselves to the fullest – I might be talking personally here (LOL), but do give some time to think about it. You have to be secure with yourself. Babies don’t fill in the empty spaces in our hearts rather they are given because you are capable to love another human being unconditionally.

You Are Loving Solemn Time

If you are okay with staying at home and being alone then you are most likely ready for a baby. Taking care of them requires your attention 24/7, which is OT without pay. If not being able to go bar hopping, shopping galore or catch a weekend getaway is fine, then you’ll do good. Being a homebody does not necessarily mean you are going to enjoy the perks and comfort of being at home though, rather you are up for all-nighters, hourly baby cries, and regular diaper changes.

You Judge and Compare How Some Parents Interact With Their Kids

Baby, Parenting

Whenever you see parents interacting with their kids, you have thoughts running in your mind. “Oh, that’s a good parenting style.” “Pretty sure, I can do better than that.” “I see myself, doing the same thing.” You judge them on the way they interact with their children and you place your opinion based on how you perceive your own parenting skills. If you do these from time to time, then you are probably ready for a baby. You consider the betterment of the children. Most importantly, you see yourself as a parent.

Parenting is a joyous time, one of the best times in a person’s life. It is something that you shouldn’t do on a whim. Make sure you are prepared in all aspects of your life before you start your journey to parenthood.

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