Supernanny Has Your Baby Care Tips

Meet Jo Frost, aka “Supernanny” — a modern day Mary Poppins, who can transform the wild ways of children. She’s able to solve problems with behaviour, sleep, mealtime, potty training and other challenges that have vexed parents around the world for centuries. With just a spoonful of sugar and a practical, no-nonsense style of parenting, Jo Frost has taken North America by storm.

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And today, Jo is helping out with her favorite baby care tips via the Supernanny Channel on YouTube! You can watch as she helps an exhausted single mom regroup…

Jo talks Antoinette through some of her top baby care tips, helping out with everything from bottle feeding, burping, making up formula, and day-to-day home management.

Create Routines:

  • Sleep
  • Feeding
  • Playtime
  • Bedtime
  • Wake Time

Increase stability while freeing up more time.

Feeding Tips

1. During Bottle Feedings: Raise bottle higher, when feeding, so that less air bubbles are created. When baby becomes fidgety, distract him by gently tapping on the bottle.

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2. Burping: Rub back vigorously between baby’s shoulder blades to help him get that burp out.

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3. Make Formula Up Ahead of Time:  Mix the day’s formula into bottles and put in fridge. Then all you have to do later is warm them up.

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Supernanny’s Top Baby Care Tips

See Mother’s Progress with Jo’s Help

Here are some more useful tips:

Supernanny Hacks, Food Guide for Babies
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Supernanny Hacks, Activities to do with your baby


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