Splitting Baby’s Time Between Grandparents

Blend two families and things can get complicated. Throw a baby into the mix and whoa! How do you decide how to split baby’s time between two sets of grandparents? Do you live closer to one set than the other? How do you create some balance?

These are the questions of today’s post…

Splitting Time Between Grandparents

Number one bit of advice from Baby Blankets…Communication!

Communication Is Key

This advice is great for the holidays but translates to any time of the year.

Getting on the same page with your spouse before you attempt to discuss plans with the grandparents will make this process much easier.

Once you and your significant other have made a joint decision, communicate your plans with the grandparents as soon as possible. ~BabyBlankets

Don’t Forget Your Baby Time

Go ahead and set aside some time to have baby all to yourselves. “I see a lot of guilt coming from new parents surrounding this issue,” says Gold, explaining that by trying to satisfy everyone else, parents are missing out on valuable holiday time as a new family unit. ~TheBump

The Bump suggest making a plan, relaying the plan, sticking with it, and losing the guilt. Remember, that you and your significant other deserve downtime with your baby too. It is important to give grandparents time with baby, but don’t let that time overrun your life and your “You and Baby” time.

The Circle Of Moms Forum via PopSugar has the answers to this question,

How often do your children see their grandparents in your family? Do you wish it was more or less often? What are ways to make sure they keep in touch with them if they do not see them often?

Read Answers Here

Splitting time between grandparents/in-laws and extended family can be challenging for sure. Especially when there are different beliefs, emotional issues, or traveling distances involved. Try to keep it all in perspective. Work to help your children know, love, and respect their grandparents while setting boundaries. Remember, that you are not likely to please everyone all the time. Life with baby is a balancing act. But, the more you practice the better you get. 

When all is said and done, you have to decide what works for your family.

For an interesting take on this issue, also check out: Children’s Time: The Real Issue In Grandparents’ Rights Case, The Child Advocate 

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