Should You Give Your Baby A Pacifier?

Pacifiers. A simple device that can calm baby and give you some moments of peace. But, for such little devices, they cause a heap of controversy.

Should you give your baby a pacifier? At what age? When should you encourage your child to give it up?

Ultimately the decision is up to you. But, here are some myths and points about pacifiers to consider.

Points to consider before giving Baby a pacifier

Your Child Will Get Hooked!

This is the first myth about pacifiers. While it is possible that your child could become reliant on them, every child is different. Pacifiers can actually be super beneficial in teaching children to self-soothe. If you feel that pacifier use is becoming a problem, you can consider cutting back and only offering one at certain times, like bedtime.

You Shouldn’t Give One At Bedtime

A 2005 study by the America Academy of Pediatrics discovered that offering pacifiers at nap and bedtimes can actually decrease the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Using a pacifier during your child’s first year does, however, come with some recommendations.

  • The pacifier should be used when placing the infant down for sleep and not be reinserted once the infant falls asleep.
  • Pacifiers should not be coated in any sweet solution.
  • Pacifiers should be cleaned often and replaced regularl.y
  • For breastfed infants, delay pacifier introduction until 1-2 months of age to ensure that breastfeeding is firmly established. Keep Reading More Here.

You Need A Certain Brand

Some companies will claim that their pacifiers are better than others for your baby. While you do want to make sure the pacifier is safe and well-made, don’t be too sucked into these advertising campaigns. Along with this myth is that pacifiers are bad for your child’s teeth. This can be true if pacifiers are way overused. But, does not seem to have an effect with conservative/normal use.

Giving Them Up Will Be A Nightmare

Again, every child is different. There may be cases where a child struggles to let go of using a pacifier. But, a lot of children simply give up the habit on their own when ready. For others, parents can get creative to help your child wean off the pacifier by helping develop other, healthy ways to comfort himself or herself.

Have you weaned your child off a pacifier? How did it go?


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