How to Revive Your Marriage After Having a Baby

Having a baby is a major life change. It can be a major change in your marriage, too.

Marriage after having a baby may look completely different than before Baby arrived. Having another person in the house to focus on can cause stress, frustration, and sometimes arguments. Your marriage will likely take a back seat to your life caring for a little one. While you still love your partner, it can be hard to cope with it all.

Your marriage may require some “re-centering.”

Marriage After Having A Baby

In a post by, 10 sets of parents shared the little things that made a positive difference in their marriages after they had a baby. The comments include everything from going to bed 30 minutes earlier to not calling each other “Mommy” and “Daddy” to avoid losing that attraction factor.

Couples also suggested doing things together like surprising each other with theater tickets for date night to reading the same books to working out together.  And speaking of date nights, one couple makes Friday nights a priority like when they were dating in the beginning…

Every other Friday night or so, we stay up really late—2 or 3 a.m.—like we used to when we were dating. We watch old movies, eat junk food, fool around, talk about the child-free days. It seems like it would be awful the next day, but we just have a low-key Saturday and maybe one of us will sleep in and the other will take a nap in the afternoon. It’s worth it for that alone time and putting ourselves first for a few hours.” — Tanya

The little things add up to keep your marriage healthy and happy during the challenging times of raising a child. Here are some little things you can do to stay in tune with one another:

  • Be considerate
  • Text often
  • Talk about your day
  • Set aside couple time
  • Morning hugs & kisses
  • Share chores
  • Get a babysitter for date night
  • Free up time to rest
  • Support one another
  • Surprise gifts
  • Add in flirtation & humor
  • Fight fair without drudging up the past
  • Create routines to ease stress
  • Cook together
  • Play together

Keeping Marriage Alive After Kids – Alix Bradfield & Paul Wiseman

“Kids are an incredible blessing to their parents, but sometimes their arrival can cause issues in a marriage from finances to libido and quality time to free time.”

Have a tip for reviving a marriage after having a baby? Leave it in the comments and help other parents out!

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