Raising Creativity

Raising Creativity! Training children to be more creative.

The Raising Creativity documentary project answers the why, who, how, what, and now what about creativity in education…

In this documentary, artist and teacher Rebecca Zack takes us through how and why to raise creative children.

It is important that we develop and cultivate creativity in our children. They can not succeed in today’s world if children are not set up to be innovators.

How can we nurture creativity? It’s a human characteristic.

Art Creates Positive Change.


“Art is an amazing vehicle for inquiry.”

Actions we all take when developing an idea. It’s the “Creative Process” that we can nurture in ourselves and our children.

  • Gathering
  • Incubation
  • Production
  • Critique

Imagination is the process of creating what is not, but which could be. ~Eisner

Imagination and the creative process leads to discovery and development. “Discovery learning” allows children to come to conclusions on their own, developing their creativity. It’s learning through active engagement. You can plan for creativity systematically. No need to expect to happen by chance. Creating rich learning environments, for your children, can go a long way towards boosting their creative thinking.

Creatives are in high demand in today’s world. CReatinng a rich, creative environment for your children early on, will better prepare them for a changing world.