Does Parenthood Change Your Social Media Posts?

Social Media Posts. Does Parenthood create a change in your status updates?

The short answer is usually…YES!

Social Media Posts and Baby

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is proof of that. After baby was born, status updates shifted from product announcements to paternity leave.

How Parenthood Changes Your Message (and Facebook Posts), Levo


Parents are, apparently, “Livin For The Share”

While that video is quite amusing, reminds us that we need to live not just for the share, but truly be present in the moments. Let’s not view the life, of the children in our lives, completely behind a screen.

Some parents are taking social media a step further and even dedicating a whole account just for baby!

Have a social media account for your baby? 40 percent of millennial moms do, Today Parents

If you’re a millennial mom, there’s a pretty good chance you have a social media account for your baby. No, we’re not talking about posting a ton of baby pics on your personal Facebook or Instagram page—but on a dedicated account with your baby’s own name on it.

When is it too much?

Here’s some advice from CNN…

Baby-pic overload! Social media advice for parents, CNN

Parenting and social media

What Those Baby Photos On Social Media Can Teach Us About Moms, NPR



What are your thoughts on sharing baby’s life with your social world?

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