One of the Best New Mom Gifts of 2018!

New mom gifts should be super easy, right? There are loads of products, from diaper bags to nursing teas, to help Mom with her first months, and years, of motherhood.

You can buy stuff for the baby and help her save a little cash. You can gift her bath salts and herbs to use in a self-care bath. You can even help pay for a post-partum doula, drop off boxes of nourishing frozen foods or pay for an entire day away at a spa.

But how do you nourish her soul? Her spirit? How do you tell her when she most needs to hear it – at 2am, or 3am, or 5am – how amazing she’s doing, how great she is, how it’s totally okay that she’s falling apart and in tears from the hormones, the sleep-deprivation, or postpartum depression?

How do you even find the words to not only comfort and soothe, but to empower and uplift?

Well, that’s why I’m writing about one of the best new mom gifts of 2018 – it’s a little book I recently stumbled upon entitled 

by Vicki Rivard.

One of the Best New Mom Gifts of 2018 – Brave New Mama

Parenting, Baby

is a small book of short poetry pieces to uplift and encourages any and every new mom. Every. Single. One.

Whether she’s a new mom for the first time or the fifth. Whether her child (or children) were born vaginally or via C-section. Whether she’s breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, breastmilk or formula, whether she’s bedsharing or tucking Baby into a crib.

Parenting, Baby

No matter the “type” of mom, no matter the circumstances, the first year is challenging, uniquely and indescribable. Every mom deserves to be supported physically, mentally, AND emotionally.

Every mom deserves to be reminded over and over again that she’s doing great, she’s doing the best she can. That being “the perfect mom” is a lie that we moms need to stop buying into because the only thing perfect about motherhood is the imperfection.

Parenting, Baby

You may not be able to be there with her every night and every day whispering these caring, encouraging words in her ear…but this book can.

This short, sweet, simple little book could be life-changing for a new mom who just needs these little reminders now and then. Or often.

Motherhood indeed is a practice. Do you remember the last time you met someone new and let them into your life as regularly and as intimately as a newborn?

Motherhood is a relationship, an intimate one, an unrelenting one, in which a whole other person is asking you for so much so consistently it can feel like crazy-making. It can also feel impossible.

To not feel alone, to realize there are others out there who understand and have gone through or are going through, the same exact things you are is powerfully nurturing and healing. To know that someone understands the struggle and thinks you’re even more amazing for it is a blessing.

To realize and be reminded that you do, in fact, belong to this wondrous club called motherhood is a gift.

Parenting, Baby

That’s what this compelling little book does. It reminds New Mom that she is okay She is not alone. She is perfect, and she is treasured.

If you know a new mom, this is by far one of the best unique mom gifts of 2018. Give her the gifts of helpful products and cash-saving things, sureBamboo. But also give her the gift of being reminded she is not only wondrous but brave.

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