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Australia’s sat down with social researcher Mark McCrindle to discuss the fading baby name trends of 2015 and make some predictions about what’s coming in 2016.

In the interview, Mark discusses 5 growing trends amongst new parents, noting examples like “The decade fade” and going from “life stage” to “life long” suitable names.1

One of the more notable points Mark makes is that parents are now essentially creating a brand for their child, moving away from what’s popular and choosing more unique names.

He notes the effect of social media on naming decisions, saying, “It’s not just a name — it’s a moniker, it’s a brand. It becomes your Facebook page, your website, your blog and everything else. That’s probably why parents don’t want to congregate around the same set names — they want to offer some uniqueness to ensure their child isn’t one of 10 in the class. They’re giving the child a chance to create their own brand and identity without giving them a contrived name either.”

So it looks like so long to David, Chris, Ashley, and Emily, for now. Meet Hudson, Flynn, Eden, and Stella.


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