5 Tips to Make Traveling with a Baby so Much Easier

Are you planning on traveling with a baby? Traveling can be challenging on its own. Add a baby to the mix and it could turn into chaos.

With some preparation and these tips, you and baby will be traveling pros.

1. Pack Snacks

Baby is bound to get hungry on long trips. To make your packing lighter and more compact, you can use portion control snack size Ziploc bags. These take up less space and are clear, making it easy to see what’s inside. Don’t forget to pack snacks for yourself, too. Protein or granola bars are an easy way to go.

2. Separate Baby Accessories

Baby items are small and, therefore, easy to lose when traveling. A great tip is to put all of the baby’s accessories into a canvas drawstring bag. This way, you can close it up and nothing gets lost in the shuffle. You can put baby’s clothes in a separate canvas bag as well. Just sit the bag down inside your own luggage. That way everything is separated and you can retrieve it easily later.

3. Prepare Carry-On Items

Make use of your wallet. Remove unnecessary cards and gifts cards to make room for your passports. If you don’t want to clear out your wallet for passport space, you can use a separate passport carrier. Just make sure your passports are safely stored and accessible. A sturdy backpack is a great way to go for your carry-on, rather than a diaper bag. They are easier to handle when getting on and off a plane. Put a diaper and wipes inside the portable changing pad, so everything is ready for baby’s next diaper change. Put other baby necessities in a clear makeup bag so you can see what you may need easily.

4. Bring Lots of Toys

Use a teething necklace to hook multiple toys together for easy carrying. Be sure to bring your baby’s very favorite toys so he or she stays happy on the plane. Quiet toys are preferable. You can wear the necklace of toys if needed, hook them to your stroller, or even hook them to the seat in front of you. Also, keeps toys off the floor.

5. Travel Smart

When it comes to your outfit and hair, make sure you are comfortable. Putting your hair up in a bun keeps it clean and reduces the risk of getting it caught in something. You will want to wear a button up shirt if you are still nursing. An oversized jacket allows you to cover yourself and baby while nursing. You will want to make baby’s outfit travel-friendly, too. Onesies are great. Slip-on shoes are also a good idea.

Tips for Traveling with A Baby/Toddler

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