How to Travel with Baby and a Stroller

Between the summer and the winter holidays, you’re probably planning some travel with your little one.

Wondering how to travel with baby and a stroller?

Traveling with a baby sometimes requires you to be a supermom (or dad!), but it’s doable.

It’s one of those things that parents don’t talk about until the trip has already happened, so let us give you some tips ahead of time.

Hopefully, the info we have to share will make traveling a little less stressful!

How to travel with baby and a stroller

Airplane travel

When you show up at the airport, you’ll first need to visit the check-in desk. This is where you’ll drop off your luggage. Make sure that you tell the person at the counter that you’re traveling with a baby and that you have a baby stroller.

Ask to have the stroller checked in at the gate.

This means that you’ll be able to keep the stroller with you and hand it over right at the aircraft door. Surely, you don’t want to spend hours at the airport without the stroller so this is the least stressful option.

The check-in person will put special tags on your stroller that allow you to hand it over to the baggage handlers at the aircraft side. If your stroller has several pieces, you’ll get multiple tags for each piece.

When the boarding starts, you’ll be able to push the stroller right to the aircraft door. Make sure that you empty the basket and remove all toys and other items that might get loose. Carefully fold the stroller and buckle up everything.

A good idea is to use a special travel bag to package your stroller. Strollers are taken to a relatively dirty baggage hold and exposed to the elements during loading and offloading.

stroller gate check for traveling

When you arrive at the destination airport, you’ll get your stroller delivered right where you left them off, at the aircraft doors.

Traveling by car

Baby strollers aren’t ideal for car travel if you have a small car. If that’s your situation, consider buying a lightweight car seat that can be converted into a stroller.

Your baby will need to be in a car seat and having both car seat and stroller in the trunk takes up a lot of space. This is why a convertible car seat is a good idea.

Of course, big family cars can easily accommodate a stroller. Use a bag to package your strollers, if possible, to avoid dirty wheels touching other items in the trunk. If your baby is old enough, using an umbrella stroller really helps to travel with baby, as this type of stroller is much lighter and takes up less space.

Bus and train travel

Bus travel with a baby and a stroller presents one of the biggest challenges. Usually, you’d need to fold up the stroller when entering a bus as they’re too wide and most buses have several steep steps at the entrance. This means that you’ll need a set of extra hands to do all this.

Ask the driver or fellow passengers for help folding the stroller while you hold the baby. Some companies will require you to hold the baby while traveling, just like on an airplane, while others might allow you to keep your baby in a stroller.

The situation is similar when traveling by train, although with trains there are usually no steep stairs to climb and the space between the seats is much wider. You may even be able to enter the train with a stroller without having to fold it.

Traveling with a baby and a stroller can be difficult, especially in those moments when you need to fold the stroller while holding your baby at the same time.

However, there’s always someone willing to lend a helping hand and help a mom struggling to juggle the baby and the stroller when traveling.

Another consideration would be to travel with a baby carrier instead of a stroller, depending on how big your baby is, how much walking you’ll be doing, and how much you’ll need the stroller to carry extra stuff.

We hope that these tips on how to travel with baby and a stroller have been helpful to you. Enjoy your next trip with your little one!


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