6 Tips on How to Dress a Baby Boy for a Wedding

If you’re planning on bringing your newborn son to a wedding, he’ll likely be the only one allowed to take any attention off the bride.

That means knowing how to dress a baby boy for a wedding is suddenly a big deal. In many cases, the little tyke will also play an important role in the ceremony, like being a ring bearer with the help of a parent or older sibling. Either way, the baby boy needs to be wearing his finest. We’re here to help you pick an outfit that says a lot about his (mom’s) style.

 Pick a style and learn how to dress a baby boy for a wedding.
  1. The classical look

This outfit is composed of a “soon-to-be-drooled-upon” white shirt, or three of them if you insist on having Baby look his best. Add elegant accessories to match such as snazzy buttons, duckling cufflinks, and some comfy dark trousers with suspenders. When you are going for this classical look on how to dress a baby boy for a wedding, try to get pants which are a bit straighter instead of the baggy ones.

baby boy dressed for wedding
  1. British attire

It would not be a wedding without the fuss done over a waistcoat from the youngest male participant to the oldest. When it comes to formal attire, it is never too early to start. Fussing, that is. If you are wondering how to dress a baby boy for a wedding with this look, know that you can find matching pants and waistcoat made from soft materials, even for smaller babies. You can also trade in the long sleeved shirt for a short sleeved one and compensate with the cutest bow tie.

two piece baby boy suit for wedding
  1. The fancy pants

You can have cute and adorable and you can have a very fancy baby everyone will hover around. A waistcoat and a tail suit, long sleeved shirt, and trousers in such a small size are a challenge to make and to wear. You might just get some very good pictures of your little prince if you play your cards right. Do not overdo it with the showing off – let your baby boy to slip into something more comfortable (like a reliable onesie) after a couple of hours.

baby boy three piece suit ready for wedding
  1. The laid back hipster

You can try to go overboard and even get a top hat, but the coolest thing right now is to look like you did not try that hard. That goes for how to dress a baby boy for a wedding as well. This image of the relaxed hipster is good and more comfortable for babies. Pick out a soft material tunic and a light-colored pair of pants made out of organic material, some suspenders, and even a nice hat. You will have that baby asking for gluten free stuff in no time.

overalls for baby boy to wear for wedding
  1. The baby-friendly Tuxedo

We like to call this outfit like that because, although it reproduces the pieces of a tuxedo, it lacks the stiffness which makes grown men resent such events. Softer materials have replaced the ones which force Baby to sit up straight or else look disheveled. You will have a happy, active baby, properly dressed, who will not be tugging at the pants and coat.

baby friendly suit for boy to wear for the wedding
  1. Old-faithful

What we recommend is giving any of these attires a test run before the actual day, because no matter how great they look in the store or in the pictures on the Internet you can never predict how fussy your baby will be when wearing them. In case everything else fails, have the all-reliable onesie on hand. You can have a tuxedo onesie, a shirt and waistcoat onesie, or even a full bodied onesie. It would also be a good idea to take one or two with you even if you have a different outfit in mind, just in case.

onsie with bow tie to wear for wedding for baby boy

There are many ways in which you can dress your little one. However, there is one thing you should really consider more than anything else. If your baby is not comfortable, if he looks stressed and irritable, it is better to give up on all fashionable ideas and just go with the best option for him. That is the best way of knowing how to dress a baby boy for a wedding.


Featured image source: www.tuxybear.com

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