How to Design Your Baby’s Nursery

How to Create Your Own Nursery Design

One of the most exciting tasks for the parents-to-be is decorating their baby’s nursery. Though it seems pretty simple to browse some baby nursery items and furniture, most parents end up in the dilemma of how to make everything fit in. So if you still have a vague picture of how your little one’s nursery will look like, here are some ideas that may help you out.

Picking a theme

When many people think of nurseries, they picture them in various shades of blue or pink. However, modern nurseries are blended with a variety of hues and motifs. You’ll find plenty of interesting themes for your baby’s future room, from the ancient dinosaur era up to the extraterrestrial outer space theme. But what’s becoming more popular nowadays is the idea of making the nursery gender-neutral.

Gender neutral nursery

Are you wondering why plenty of parents and nursery designers go for the gender-neutral design? The idea is simple- it is the most practical theme if you want to invest in your child’s room for the long-term.

Apart from being trendy, some additional perks of the gender-neutral nursery theme are:

  • The colors and furniture design can easily be blended together.
  • The designs can fit both baby boys and girls, so you can prepare the room long before you figure out your baby’s gender.
  • Your baby’s nursery can easily be converted to a toddler or older child’s room.
  • The furniture and other items you bought can be used for your future babies.

Selecting the Furniture

Your furniture pieces will not only be the focal point of your baby’s room, but you’ll also be using these items very frequently so make sure that you choose them wisely.

There are plenty of items for sale and every piece of furniture seems to be cute and “essential” but it is important to stick with the most necessary and functional items first. To give you some idea of the most important furniture items for your nursery, these are the following:

Baby’s crib and beddings

The crib is the focal point of most nurseries and this is where your baby will spend the most of his early years. So more than its decorative value, check if the crib will be comfortable for your baby. Functionality comes before its visual appeal, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve both. There are plenty of stylish cribs that you will find nowadays, so your baby’s crib won’t need to be settled on plain wood or white.

Also, make sure to invest in beddings! You’ll be changing it very often during the first few months. Beddings are also a nice way to top up your crib’s overall look.

Baby’s drawers or closet

Do you believe that it’s too early for your little angel to have his own closet? Think again! You will use a lot of clothes and baby items and before you know it, there will be nowhere to store them.

A drawer chest is essential in a nursery

One tip in buying closets or drawers is to invest with ones that can grow with your baby. Closets and drawers with a classic or neutral design can easily fit into any theme and likewise, will still be useful once you convert your nursery into an older child’s room.

Perhaps, a full-sized closet is an ideal choice because it can store many of the baby stuff you’ll need on top of clothes, like diapers, baby’s hygiene materials, and a bunch of toys. Drawers can also help keep the most frequently used items in your nursery and can be of utmost useful in decluttering the room.

Changing station / pad

You’ll be dealing with a lot of diaper changes prior to potty training, so a diaper changing station will be your best friend for a couple of months. You may choose to buy a separate changing station or a changing pad that can easily be tucked above your baby’s drawer. If you choose the latter, consider buying drawers that are in a comfortable height so that you won’t need to stoop down or extend your arms too high while changing your baby’s diapers.

Nursing chair

Every mom needs a nursing chair to feed baby comfortably

This is where you will spend most of your time with your baby so seek a nursing chair that will be most comfortable for both of you. A nursing chair with armrests will come in handy when you feed your baby. You may also opt for the nursing gliders that can help lull your baby to sleep.

Choosing Window Covers

Depending on your theme and climate, you can choose between curtains or blinds. If you want to save time and effort, buy the window covers and beddings before painting the walls of your nursery. Many parents end up re-painting their walls because they found that their desired window covers or beddings didn’t match the paint color.

Decorating the Walls

Decorating the walls of your nursery is the last but never the least! Your baby will spend a lot of time in his room, so would you allow him to stare on that blank and boring wall? Of course not!

You can make the walls more appealing by giving it a paint job, or much better, decorate it with some eye-appealing patterns for your baby. While you can stencil the designs directly in the wall, many design experts go for vinyl wall decals instead. Quality wall decals can be easily attached to a plain or painted wall, and it won’t ruin the paint once you need to change the decoration as your baby grows up. These nursery wall decals from Kinacle can be easily mixed and matched to your desired nursery theme – and can be easily moved around as your baby (and family) grows!

So, can you now foresee the look of your baby’s nursery? We’d be happy to hear your own decorating tips as well!

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