How to Succeed at Being a Working Mom

Before you have children, climbing the corporate ladder and succeeding at your chosen profession is often your main focus in life.

Everything changes once you become a mom.

Working moms strive, and often struggle, to manage their family obligations while maintaining a successful career. Here are a few tips (thanks to to help you cope with the stress and guilt of being a working mom.

  • Redefine success

What are your priorities now that you’re a mom? Today’s modern society defines success as acquiring or attaining things so others can see how well we are doing.

Being a mom forces you to focus on what’s most important while employing a more realistic definition of success for your new life. It’s more important to do your best than to have the best. If your child has everything in the world except a good relationship with you or an appreciation for others, will you have succeeded?

  • Be productive, not busy

Moms never have enough time to do all the things they want to do. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to fulfill all the responsibilities they have.

Trying to get everything done is usually counterproductive. Focus on one thing at a time and keep distractions to a minimum, or better yet stay away from them altogether. It’s better to be a serial mono-tasker than a poor multi-tasker.

  • Say no

Women, in general, feel guilty about saying no. Whether at work or at home, with family or with friends, it’s often uncomfortable to say no. Consider the time needed to commit to the task. If it comes into conflict with any of your other obligations, graciously decline.

Do not over commit! You’ll regret it later.

  • Ditch the guilt
working mom in a hurry

Missing school activities, coming home late, and being too tired to play with your children or even getting home after they’re asleep really gets to working moms. It’s painfully difficult to choose between spending time with your kids and earning the money you need to feed them and put a roof over their heads.

It’s time to lose the guilt, mom. You’re doing your very best. If something in your schedule needs to change so you can spend more time with your kids, you’ll find a way. If you need to work longer hours, your kids will be fine…and (someday) they’ll understand. Just don’t forget – your family is the reason you are striving so hard. If you want your kids to grow up happy show them a happy mom, not a stressed-out, guilt-ridden one.

  • Refocus your energy

Practice mindfulness. Spend more time in the present and focus on what’s in front of you, not what may happen next week or next month. Worrying deprives you of happiness.

Instead of being worried about a heavy workload, how about being thankful for a job that helps you keep a roof over your head and clothes on your back? Live in the present. Don’t waste your energy on the future or the past.

  • Pursue passion

That saying, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” is a rule to live by. You will be working for most of your life. Why be miserable?

Granted, there are lots of factors to consider before quitting your financially stable, horrible job and becoming the painter you always imagined yourself to be. There are always opportunities to find your perfect job without sacrificing your family’s financial future.

working mom multitasking
  • Love yourself

Your responsibilities as a mom coupled with your demanding career leave no time for anything else, let alone yourself. Take a few moments to reconnect with and replenish yourself.

Being a working mom can be very empowering as it gives you the opportunity to build your confidence and accomplish goals you’ve set for yourself.

Love yourself and take time out of your day to simply relax.

Being a working mom is no walk in the park by any standards but it doesn’t have to be hair-pulling, therapy-inducing insanity.

How do you achieve balance as a working mom? Please share below!


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