How To Be a Happy Stay At Home Dad

Can you be a happy SAHD? Stay At Home Dad?

From babies to toddlers, being a stay at home dad with the little ones can be challenging. But, it can be rewarding too. Here are some posts to help…

Ready To Be A Stay At Home Dad

Stay-at-Home Dad Survival Guide,

According to a 2005 Census Bureau in the US, there were 98,000 SAHDs across the nation. Now? That number is closer to 2 million!

To start you on your road to Stay At Home Dad bliss, suggests Be Proud Of Your Decision,

“You have to be comfortable with your decision and not let it get to you.” So whether it was a financial move or a lifestyle change, hold your head up high and let everyone know you’re happy being Mr. Mom.

Stay At Home Dad

36-year-old Steve, and Stay At Home Dad for the last 2+ years, says the hardest part for him was getting into a routine. You can read about his experience…

Real lives: “I’m happy to be a stay-at-home dad” BabyCentre

Even GQ is covering the topic…

Breaking Dad: The Stay-at-Home Life, GQ

Think tech jobs are booming? Visit a playground on a weekday afternoon and observe the newest wave of the American workforce: the stay-at-home dad.

stay at home dad

Cheers to your great job both Mom and Dad!

A “Music Video” just for fun…

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