8 Easy Hotel Hacks to Use When Traveling with a Baby

Being away from home when you have a baby to care for presents some unique traveling challenges. How do you warm bottles? Where does baby sleep? Wonder no more! We’ve got some great hotel hacks for you!

1. Room with a Kitchen

Choosing a room/suite with a little kitchen area can be super helpful for preparing bottles and meals for the baby. It will also make cleanups easier as you will have an extra sink. You could try an Apartment Hotel which is basically a serviced apartment that allows you to book like a hotel.

2. Bring Some Tape

Tape can be an easy way to cover outlets and other dangers that could present a problem to the baby. Be sure to use a tape that will not cause damage – like painter’s tape. You could also bring outlet covers if you prefer, or just rearrange some of the movable furniture slightly so outlets are no longer exposed.

3. Solve Sleeping Issues

You can request a crib from the hotel for smaller babies, use a pack-n-play, or try a pool noodle if your toddler is a bit older. You can add a pool noodle under the sheets on the bed to prevent your toddler from rolling off. Just make sure it is secure. You can try using that painter’s tape to secure it.

4. Blackout the Light

If your baby is used to napping in a dark room, getting him to sleep during the light of day in a hotel room can be a challenge. You can bring along some large garbage backs to tape up behind the curtains to block out excessive light. Again, use that painter’s tape (one of the best hotel hacks) for baby proofing so you don’t damage the wall.

5. White Noise

The unfamiliar noise of the hotel’s comings and goings may keep your baby up at night. You can help solve this problem by offering some white noise. But, who wants to bring a white noise machine on vacation with you? Try an app on your smartphone. Here’s one to try: White Noise Baby, iTunes

6. Keep Milk Cold

If your room does not offer a mini fridge, the hotel will often get you one if you need it for baby’s milk. You could also make a cooling bucket. Fill up the ice bucket and nestle the bottles down inside. It’s not a perfect solution but it works in a pinch.

7. Coffee Maker For Hot Water

Need to warm water for your baby’s bottle? Don’t forget that you could use the coffee maker. Just run the water through sans coffee. Be sure to check that it is not too hot. You may need to let it cool a little depending on the coffee maker.

8. Ask For A High Chair

If your baby is past the bottle age, you will want to ask the hotel for a high chair to make feeding times easier. Hotels that are used to hosting families will have some on hand. Be sure to sanitize it yourself to make sure it’s clean.

Do you have any hotel hacks for traveling families? Please share in the Comments!


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