Home Care For Your Newborn After You Leave Hospital

 Home Care For Your New Baby!

You’ve Survived 9 Months Of Pregnancy and have your precious addition to the family. You have left the hospital with your newborn, but now what? It’s time to begin life at home with baby!

Say hello to the joys and challenges of parenting…

An educational video for parents regarding home care of newborns after leaving the hospital. Produced by a team of experienced neonatal staff from SCBU (special care baby unit) of Ahmadi Hospital of the Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait. (Watch below)

What You Need To Know for the first few months of your newborn’s life:

  • Arrival Preparation
  • Newborn Feeding
  • Reflux & Spit Up
  • Sleeping Pattern Crying & Colic
  • Newborn Jaundice
  • Newborn Baths
  • Vaccination & Follow-up

Home Care For Your Newborn

Key points about your new baby from appearance and development to care. This video shares so much information about new babies. Safety, breastfeeding positions, crying, colic, and more!

Knowing what to expect when you have a newborn can ease the anxiety that every new parent feels and give you confidence as you bond with your new baby. Here you’ll find advice and information on everything from bathing and feeding your baby to establishing good sleep habits, interpreting your baby’s cries, and knowing when to call the doctor. ~BabyCenter

Additional Resource: Newborn Care via Parents.com


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